Guide: CBD Oil For Dogs

August 28, 2018

CBD for dogs is an all-natural, legal way to help canines of all ages possibly overcome numerous ailments and behavioral issues, without having to resort to expensive prescription medications. Unlike medical marijuana, which can cause a small animal to become high (and isn’t safe for them anyway) CBD oil for dogs contains less than 0.03 percent THC, nowhere near enough to create even a “buzz” in a small animal.

The potential with CBD for dogs, however, is amazing, with both research studies and anecdotal evidence showing that it may help with everything from anxiety and stress relief to joint pain and inflammation. For many aging dogs, CBD oil is a new lease on life.

Recent reports show that CBD oil is set to be a $2 billion market, due in no small part to a push from politicians on both sides of the aisle. As Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell continues to advocate for wider CBD oil protections under the 2018 Farm Bill, via the legalization of hemp, consumers across the United States have had their interests piqued. A good portion of that $2 billion market will no doubt be reserved for the pet CBD market, and, more specifically, for CBD oil for dogs.

But questions abound among pet owners when it comes to deciding to use CBD for dogs. From discussing it with a veterinarian to knowing how much to give their furry companions, dog owners are wading through uncharted territory with CBD oil. Some of the questions that pet owners have about CBD for dogs include:

How do I speak to my veterinarian about CBD oil for dogs?

How much CBD oil do I give my dog?

Will CBD oil help my aging dog

Will CBD oil for dogs help with separation anxiety?

Can I give my dog human CBD oil?

The best companies, like MediPets CBD, know that dog owners consider their pets to be more than a friend —they’re a part of the family. That’s why their CBD oil for dogs is specially formulated for their bodies. But knowing what to purchase is only one small part of the bigger picture.

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