The Hara Chakra Fault Line

May 27, 2018

I get a lot of positive feedback from readers who have tried this out.
So I thought a re-post could be good, for those who haven’t read it.

The Hara Chakra is almost always in need of healing. It would be somehow misleading to say it’s one of the most important chakras, since all are equally important. Some feel that the chakras beneath the heart chakra aren’t that important since they perceive them as ‘low’ frequency.

That perception can be very unhealthy since each chakra is connected to the others. As goes for the Hara Chakra, it’s connected to the pineal gland, the third eye.

The problem with the Hara is that it, apart from other qualities, contains our sexuality. In this world where sexuality still is something we don’t seem to speak much of, since the same sexuality often is filled with shame, guilt, taboos and so on, people tend to leave it alone as a no go zone.

That is energetically very unhealthy. It keeps the chakras out of free flow and shutting that chakra down ‘attention wise’ will also impact our third eye and thereby our intuitive (ESP) perceptions.

On a physical note, releasing and healing the energy from the Hara Chakra, can prevent serious ailments, such as chronic conditions in the area of the genitals and for women especially the uterus, the ovaries and the vagina. For men it can trigger prostate issues and erectile dysfunction.

On a psychological note, it is the ‘Mother’ Chakra for what is referred to in psychology as obsessions, phobias, neurosis and a constant vibe of fear and unsettledness.

I will describe a method to release the blocked energy from the Hara Chakra and its safe use. I have written before on the connections between the chakras here, and in this exercise it is not a question of forcing the chakra open, it is just a question of releasing the emotions that are taken hostage in it and freeing them, which should improve overall quality of life and thereby the spiritual dynamics of the whole system of Chakras we have.

If you are not comfortable with referrals to genitals and the dynamics of those, this might not be a good read for you, since, in order to explain the dynamics, I have to go into that.

The exercise:

It is usually very good to do this exercise right before sleeping, lying in your bed, lying on your back. If you sleep beside your beloved it could be a very good idea to tell your love that you are doing a mediation and you need to do it undisturbed.

The first thing you do is to get the body in a relaxed state.

You can start from the feet up and go over your whole body, into a settling calm.

The breathing should be relaxed and tranquil.

Then you focus all your attention on your genitals.

Try keeping the breathing calm and just put all of your bodily, emotional and mental energy on the area of the genitals.

At some point you will feel that the area becomes magnetized. That is, you are focusing so intensely that you feel the etheric layer that also is surrounding the physical area of the genitals.

When you get that sensation, don’t over analyze it – just go with the energy.

What you are feeling on a higher note is the high frequency pulsing, which is the sacred pulse of the feminine or the masculine pole within you. (Later on it will also pulse from the heart).

When you have that pulsing sensation from the area of the genitals, put your attention to the areas in the genitals that are the most pleasure filled and normally will trigger a sexual arousal in you. Stay a while in that focus and bypass the desire to be sexually satisfied.

Here is an important thing: If you can’t keep your calm and really need to climax or go into physical pleasure, please do.
If you do, proceed another day.
You needed it and it got awakened. No shame, no ‘I’m not spiritual enough’. Don’t go into a judgmental internal dialogue, since it is what this is all about: To release these emotions of guilt and shame so many struggle with. No need to reinforce them.

People spend a lot of time judging that quality of the Hara and certainly the Matrix does. This is about dodging that collective programming from religion, main stream media and such and especially childhood programming of these areas in us being: Shameful, evil and nasty. It’s as much a part of us as the area around the eyes, and nobody seems to mind relaxing that and hereby healing their vision.

The next step is, since we´re actually closer to the Root Chakra, to get the energy and the magnetized sensation up to the Hara Chakra is to pull the energy from the genitals up the abdomen to where the Hara Chakra is located, which is about two to three centimeters under the navel.

Before you do it, you can use your hand to find that place and push a finger down a bit, so it leaves a feel of touch on your skin, and then you focus on that point. Which means you shift and move all your attention from the genitals to the seat/realm of the Hara Chakra.

It can feel difficult in the beginning and please have patience with yourself. Too many people see spirituality and the spiritual dynamics as a competitive sport. It is not. It is process oriented.

The next step is, not to censor the mind/consciousness.

We cannot release anything if we don’t allow the mind to go there, and also the body. It’s a dead end street if we do so.

Usually you should be in a state now, where your energy pulses in the seat of the Hara and also in the genitals, but your focus is not the genitals anymore, it is the Hara. And yet, it’s possible to focus on both at the same time, but the thing is to keep the sexual arousal at bay, so that you are mostly in the Hara itself.

Your mind/body will learn that meditating on this is not a sexual quest, it’s a spiritual quest.

And then: You let go.

You let go by:

Keeping up the feeling of the genitals and Hara Chakra pulsing. Suddenly, the pulse will shift from being strictly physical to being Etheric and along that road, your mind, mostly your emotions, will show you the blockades.

They can show in returning memories of do’s /don’ts, shame/guilt. That is of course the programming. If you run into that, a good simple thing to say inside is: I’m comfortable with letting this programming go, even your own, and dive deeper in.

The great gatekeeper here for releasing the locked-in energy is actually our own relationship towards this part of our body. Some of it: external programming and some of it is our own relationship with these issues. Let it go. Give it ‘Up’.

It is advisable to go as deep in as you possibly can, maybe it will take you a week maybe a month.

You go deeper and deeper in by relaxing in depth both the genitals and the Hara Chakra by exhaling. Every time you exhale – go a bit deeper into relaxing these areas until you feel you really can’t go any deeper. Then the bodily/etheric reaction will come and that is the sign of – Yes, you did it.

The bodily/etheric reaction looks to the inner eye as floating lava surrounding your Hara and it flows UP from the area of the genitals. Most people will hear in their inner ear a sound which I can best describe as the sound of popcorn popping. It can get quite loud, but nothing to fear, it is of course pure release of blocked energy setting itself free. No fear.

The lava doesn’t burn physically, but it will get warm and it has nothing to do with Kundalini. The sound doesn’t hurt. The reason so many people both get the sound and vision – all internally – is that the area is connected to the pineal gland and it seems to respond very fast to this shifting in energetics within you.

The cool sidekick to this exercise is that the pineal relaxes with, so to speak, and becomes very much clearer since it is no longer held back by something someone decided was a no go zone.

Always watch out for schools of thought that tell us that the lower chakras are low frequency and should be bypassed.

When we bypass something, it’s still there when we return. Many people do not understand that.

When we face it and transform it – it is no more.

Much Love

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