Has UK Government ‘Planned to Fail’?

March 21, 2020

Yes, they want the infection rate UP.
– SD

The British government has finally announced strict measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in the country six weeks after the first cases were confirmed.

After days of criticism for vague and contradictory advice, the government finally decided that from Friday, 20 March, schools will be closed and people will be expected to work from home unless they work in the NHS or vital industries such as electricity generation.

This decision was probably fuelled by a secret briefing by Public Health England, reported in The Guardian on 15 March, which had predicted 7.9 million people would end up being hospitalised and 250,000 would be killed, with the pandemic affecting the UK until the spring of 2021.

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the United Kingdom reached 3,269 on Thursday, 19 March, and the death toll has risen to 144. All of those who died were elderly or had underlying health conditions like Craig Ruston, 44, who suffered from motor neurone disease.

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