Have Mercy on the Terrified

September 21, 2020

In a mainstream, social media environment, where every critical voice towards the corona Main Stream narrative is labelled as a conspiracy theorist gets ridiculed and trashed by online trolls WHO actually hired an army of internet celebs, with their millions on followers, always for sale. Things are tight, totalitarian, and plain right disgusting.

To us, it shows how insecure they are, how fragile their “pandemic” hype is.

A strong, logically given narrative doesn’t need paid supporters from Main Stream media and social platforms – if it were the truth, well, the truth never needs crutches…

For those of us who are quite skeptical of what has taken the world hostage and can see its contradictions, we are in a situation where we need to contemplate on how to administer ourselves towards people being subjected to spells and fear/trauma programming.

This world – so cold before this – has reached its point of zero temperature.

It’s an emotional ice age, and we have to watch out that we do not mirror that coldness, which is also very much designed to pity brother against brother, since the narrative now is: It’s people you should fear, and fear of the killer virus is almost second on that agenda. It shifted – first the virus – now, people, who are not giving in to fear and seeing it as a way of taking down our civil liberties and all other things that they use it for, are the enemy. The crooked media has designed that.

This virus is not health driven – it’s a political tool/virus.

So, how to approach this in our interactions between the scared off “sheepple”– I never liked that term and keeping our core belief in – basically: It’s all a design.
Nothing to fear here. It’s a trick.

First, I get the Scared:

Never ever has the bombardment been so massive for 6 months now. I don’t watch mainstream news on my TV. It’s not plugged into the System of Fear, but these folks do. They watch it 24/7. It’s a habit as hard to ditch as smoking. And during the last lockdown, where they couldn’t go out, what do you do to evade the boredom of confinement? You watch your truth on the telly for your dose of daily drama and to be in the know. That know, we know, is not the know.

Then there is what people subscribe to on Social Media. Filtered news in the beginning and it shows – I actually didn’t know that – that if you buy into this, you only get the news that supports your belief system.

That was step 1.

Step 2 is the unprecedented censorship that is now.

Critical voices simply get censored away. So that’s the killing floor of this global brainwash. And then we meet these people of fear and the conversation goes the corona way. And we meet them shopping, and we meet them walking, and we meet them in the public space wearing masks and telling us to wear them too.

It’s so easy, isn’t it, to shout:
Do not comply – do not wear a mask.

Easy, because for many, as in most: It’s being weaponized not to wear it or break social isolation. Like this example from Britain. People simply don’t have that kind of money and should they get it, the last thing would be to pay it as a punishment. We know these masks, as one example, don’t work, but people are brainwashed to believe they do.

In a world this cold – the world needs some warmth.
That warmth would mean empathy. By taking the same approach of shock treatment – we become what we fight. We won’t win one scared soul over, not to us, but to the detachment of the brainwashed, said again: Never seen on this level.

Often the approach can be suggestion based, like: What if? Or: Here is a contradiction. Information on this level is best served in small doses.

What we’re up against is behavioral psychology on an unprecedented scale, mass seduction by 6 months of propaganda 24/7 and how the brain functions.

Our brain is geared to fit unfamiliar experience into known patterns. That goes for the things we see, touch, hear, feel, etc. It’s basically an instinct. So, the one we´re having a conversation with is unknowingly in instinct mode because of the fear/trauma programming.

That person is trying to fit our arguments or better point of views into a narrative that is the complete opposite of the systemic brainwash. If that person can’t process on the spot, and we often insist they do like a CIA hit and run. Quick in. Quick out.
That insisting is where behavioral psychology steps in and calls for another instinct: Fight or Flight and the result is alienation. And we have become the alien in this equation.

The solution to that is softness and not the Spanish Inquisition. Small doses of sanity from the buffet of truth is what we need to shift to.

The shift between seeing this virus as a political tool and shifting it away from a killer virus pandemic, which is a lie so thick it can be seen in the System of Fear’s own accounts. The problem is, as you know, they are cooking the books.

The “spike” we´re seeing now is because they test for coronavirus, a common cold virus, as mentioned by this doctor who takes no shit from Main Stream Media, which in this situation, actually says during the ongoing interview: We have lost control. DING! Says all about the agenda, thanks.

It’s like if somebody approaches you and says: You know, the moon is really made of green cheese, that’s what they hear.

Instead of confronting and seeing it as a case to win people over, trying to force a different perspective on them: They cannot bridge that gap.

By serving our insights with humor, warmth, and genially caring – some could call it caring for our fellow man – we/they will win. And they shall forever be free, in their own time.

Like us – do you remember how hard is was for you to wake up and think of yourself as Awake. Wondering, wondering through hopeless nights and in agony to realize that most of your systems of beliefs were lies?

Do you remember the awe of finding your True North without anyone forcing the coordinates on you?

Well, there we have it.

We have tools that are healing, warmth, sympathy, empathy, reaching out, and caring.

It is easy to be the spell caster – It is very difficult to be the spell breaker, the messenger that everybody wants to shoot right now.

Carry on, Soldier, and let your weapons be those of empathy and not hate, resentment, or ridicule.
Going into that mode is using the tools from the System Of Fear.

© 2020 Soren Dreier – Services


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