‘He Read Me Like An Open Book’

January 21, 2015

So, we have come to the last paragraphs of my trilogy about the alternative world – and as I wrote yesterday, “Is it fact or fiction?”

In the beginning of 1995 I was heavily involved in the alternative world, as a healer.

I occasionally ran into Soren Dreier. I loved his articles, which were published in many of the newspapers and magazines at that time. He also did readings on people across the country.

For a time I lent my apartment to him when he was in Copenhagen, where he could receive his clients. Of course we would spend some evenings reflecting on different topics and my daughter (then age 14) was also wildly infatuated with this wonderful world.

One evening I asked Soren if he could give me a reading using my hands… since he was here, yes, why not. My daughter sat at the table, watching and listening, as Soren’s pen started drawing weird lines and stuff in my hands.


What he said in 1995:

“Up here at the top of your little finger there’s a little boy sitting looking at you. So it looks like you soon will have a baby boy.”

(I was fiercely opposed to that… my daughter was 14, I was alone, and I had no desire for more children.)

He also said that the father of this child and I would not meet under normal circumstances. He would be a foreigner. We would not have a life together but we would have a child together.

He also told me that I would be grandmother at age 42, and Sarah would find her husband in the first try at serious romance. She would then fall for her husband right away and it would be them. (Obviously Sarah could not relate to that, since she was only 14 at that time, haha.)

Finally, he mentioned that within a short time I would receive an ‘envelope’ – in meaning  this would be either an unexpected inprovement of finances or something similar, like a good job opportunity.

I actually found, at that time, it was very difficult to relate to any of it!

What happened ?

In November 1995 a close friend died. At her funeral, which was terribly tragic, there was a man sitting behind me in the church. He handed me a handkerchief and comforted me.

He was a Norwegian, but residing in Denmark. He invited me out for the evening along with some other friends, to say ‘goodbye’ to my friend. We talked and more… and in October 1996 my little boy Louie was born.

The father was a foreigner alright, and I met him in not quite normal circumstances, namely a funeral. We have never really been in a relationship, but we have a boy. And although I had no intention of having more children, I love my son dearly.

In April 2000, I won 200,000 kr. in a lottery. It fell in a very dry spot… and I wonder if it was the vaunted ‘envelope’ that landed there?

In June 2002 my daughter gave birth to my grandchild, as she got together with her lovely husband Luan whom she met in Greece. Sara had not known anybody before him. He moved to Denmark, and now they have been married for over 14 years. I need to mention that I became grandmother at 42!

This is a very accurate reading and I am impressed with how everything just fell into place by itself.

If you don’t believe in readings or intuition, then I would love to hear your interpretation of how Soren’s reading fell into place with real life.

Even so, I find it very odd in some way, that Soren can predict these kinds of things, really having his skills with him, and yet even so he is so humble about them.

Now In 2014

I lost contact with Soren and this year it’s actually about 17 years ago that I actually had contact with him.

But, as in my current situation I really needed a reading badly, after having some very disputing experiences in that field, so I felt inclined to contact him. I found his website and booked an online reading.

Soren reads in a ‘room’ of tranquility and in very understandable terms.

I received my reading a month ago and honestly?! – I went into total overdrive.

I got such a ‘kick in the butt’ and now I have woken up. The man is absolutely right, but the truth may hurt right in the moment until you also get the tools to put it into perspective.

It’s too early to comment on whether his predictions about the future will land just as accurately, but the signs are already there.

He mentioned in particular that I would get a job in December (I had been unemployed  since last November). Dear friends, I said yes to a job, the offer came in December, I start on the first of February,

So it seems to come to pass.

He is completely honest and explains things so you do not have doubts about what is going on. Do not be afraid to get messages you cannot handle. Soren, and all others who work with these things, do not comment on either death, accident or other horrors. There are unwritten rules about that, but a loving kick in the butt… it may be just what you need to wake up.

Thank you.


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