A Healing Experience

June 10, 2013

Dear Soren,

I don’t even know where to begin…so I will just start rambling!

I cannot describe the deep gratitude I feel with words.  When I contacted you for a healing, I was mainly focused on just the maternal/motherhood issue; what I received has changed my life forever.

I have been on a spiritual path for quite a bit now, constantly researching and gaining insight.  But none of the thousands of articles, books & videos have ever seemed to “sink” in or resonate fully with me.

During this past week everything has changed!

I don’t feel a constant pull toward the negative any longer.  I can now recognize any negativity that arises, view it, feel it, find the depth of it, and “reprogram” (for lack of a better word) my mind and make conscious decisions on how to work with each emotion.  This was in no way possible before my sessions with you.

I have never felt so free, so motivated, and so in touch with who I am as I do now.  All of the information that I have been researching has finally clicked, and now makes sense to me on a huge level.

I finally feel like I am beginning to understand all of the energetic workings of my being and how that is connected to the whole.

I have made the first connections to my spirit guides, which has removed a huge amount of loneliness in my life!  I see myself as a beautiful being that is contributing to the whole in a loving, compassionate and understanding way.  I have a lot ahead of me, but because of your compassion and healing ways I have a new found strength to continue to move forward with the Light.

During the sessions there were moments when I could feel a few people working with me, as if I was able to speak and thank everyone.  I was just wondering if this may have been the moments during the group session.  But either way, I am filled with love and gratitude to all who were with us during the healing sessions!

I am feeling a profound sense of freedom from my constant yearning for a child, and have found that I can be a mother to many beings…many of which are now the critters and plant kingdom of my garden.

However, when you mentioned what you found in my blueprint from a past life, I completely broke down..as if I finally understood and remembered.

To have this understanding has impacted my path, my emotional being, and my heart in such an amazing way.  I am still trying to figure out exactly how I am going to heal the wound in my field, but the knowing alone has provided a huge step towards that healing!

As far as my physical health, I feel lighter, and more in control of my body.

Also in regards to my physical health, I feel so much better about my body now.  For years people and doctors have been telling me what is “wrong” with my body, and making me feel like I got a crappy deal with this body this lifetime!

I don’t feel like that anymore!  I am beginning to truly believe in the power that resides within my physical field for self-healing.  My body really has put up with so much from me and I am beginning to really honor that within myself!

I am so absolutely blown away/over beyond words as to how much I appreciate you!  You have given me the gift of a renewed life, a reconnection of my soul to my mind, a reconnection of my soul to Mother Earth, and steps forward in my connection process to the entire web and consciousness of our Universe.

I truly wish I could find the words to express the love and gratitude I have!  Thank you from the depths of my soul….thank you!

I hope that you can feel my deep love towards to you and towards all that you do!  I look forward to one day meeting you!

Many, many blessings to you!

With Love,


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