Heart Weighed Against a Feather

October 14, 2020

Springtime is one of my favourite times of the year, being a bird lover, I eagerly anticipate the arrival of songbirds. It evokes a sense of absolute awe in me when I think about of their incredible and arduous travels, filled with danger, yet despite the challenges they return every year to the same place to fulfil their duty of maintaining cosmic harmony and bring to life a new batch of sweetness that ensures the continuity of their species.

Their sweet melodies make me rise predawn, and serve as a good reminder that despite the challenges they face every day, they always start fresh every morning, filled with joy and hope, and certainly help me in setting a positive tone for the rest of the day.

One particular spring, I was especially lucky, a pair of songbirds weaved a nest on a tree outside my window.

For six days I watched them, and how they dedicated every second of daylight hours to weave their nest. Not once did I pick up on despair, or whining or complaining about how hard they have to work, in fact quite the opposite, it was with pure joy that they fulfilled their task, singing and weaving, absolute excitement. On the seventh day, she laid her first egg, and over the course of the following week, more were laid every other day and over the next 10 days she dutifully sat on them.

As it is with great nature and her mysterious ways, none of us are free from the Law of Accident. A great gust of wind blew from the West and her nest and batch of eggs instantly blew away with the force of the wind. She was heartbroken. The rest of the day, she sat on her tree. She cried songs of sorrow and grief, and she made sure everyone heard her cries. The wind, the water, the trees, her other feathered friends. No one consoled her, she was free to express her heart was broken and cry and scream as much as she wanted. Her heart was heavy, and her feathers could not carry this burden, she couldn’t fly.

As night fell, great nature and all her allies heard her despair, and the mysterious energies of the night absorbed all the pain and sorrow that she asked them to take away with her cries.

By dawn the next morning, she was singing her sweet melodies with joy and hope. Her heart filled with courage of a warrior and as light as a feather. The start of a new day and her renewed commitment to maintaining cosmic order. Her mate joined her shortly thereafter and off they flew to another tree to start over.

I often wonder what these wise ones think of us, since they have a birds eye view of our affairs. They must think how deranged we are, we are educated by ‘intellectuals’ who spend their entire days in an office divorced from nature, who advocate chopping down trees in the name of education and progress, print senseless books that collect dust in libraries, blow up mountains to make weapons of mass destruction or extract metals and minerals to create devices of hypnosis that keep us in constant state of fear, of illnesses, of bad people in foreign and unknown lands.

We exterminate entire species that threaten farmlands or chew power lines. We create poisons in laboratories to drown our sorrows and humiliate, imprison and hospitalise people who  cannot cope with this madness. Then we allow our all care taking trustworthy ‘democratic’ governments to assure us that they are looking after us when by injecting billions into mental health and manufactured poisons.  We must be the most retarded species inhabiting this planet!

The wound of betrayal and injustice is a planetary wound, no species of this planet is immune from it. When forces show up that are immeasurably greater than us, that seek to destroy us, we have no choice but to surrender.

For those of us on the Spiritual Warriors Path (which is open for all – yet few walk it, and not the wishy washy love light clichés),  preaching the 9 spiritual laws of success channelled by a disembodied Arctuarian being, maintaining a modicum of sanity in this oncoming shit fest of injustice will be tested in the most brutal of ways, and it will hit us in our most vulnerable spot, the heart center. This wound will keep repeating lifetime of over lifetime and an infinite number of times within this very lifetime.

It’s time to take a stand in this life. Do you want a heart filled with sadness, sorrow, wounded by injustice, betrayal and traumas or cultivate the courage to seek transformation? In the material realm, everything we have worked so hard to acquire can be taken away in an instant, our dignity, our possessions, our loved ones and even our own lives.

The only thing we have power over is what we chose to keep in our heart center, our center of transformation. If its weighed down by sorrow, grief and betrayal, go out to the bosom of the great nature, express all that is weighing you down and ask for this weight to be taken off.

There are benevolent forces, immeasurably greater than us, that will hear your cries. Have the courage to ask. Cultivate the strength to transform this sorrow into courage, in the knowing, that we have the creative potential and the ability to dig in to our deepest reserves to start all over again, every single day. If a little songbird can, so can we. A little birdy once told me nature is the most potent Prozac.

The final test of the warrior is the weighing of the heart in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. We have the choice and the potential to have a heart as courageous as a lion and as light as a feather.

© Lala Rukh 2020 

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