Higher Hopes

September 9, 2020

‘Hope’ can be very tricky concept to frame right.

It can be very low frequency or it can be very high frequency. It all comes down to the consciousness that inhabits it. If it is low frequency it’s an extension of the control system. If it is high frequency hope, that is the last thing you want to dodge.

Throughout history, the Matrix has used hope to keep people at dock. That’s hope stigmatizing the consciousness into obedience. Throughout the evolution of consciousness the mundane chains have been vanishing, and we now need to take the powerful tool of Hope into a more conscious framework… the framework of: Conscious Awareness.

Conscious Awareness is the term and expression I use to label a very special state of mind: The state where the consciousness rests in pure consciousness. The mind rests within itself. It just observes, it labels not. It contemplates on its own source. The Silent Witness. It is the leveling of the right brain and the left brain, into one.

By declining hope, you will take out a very important loop in your consciousness: The loop, which merges the left-brain qualities of hope and the right brain’s ability to visualize for yourself and others. So, declining hope, an important powerhouse of the soul, is very much serving the spirituality of it to the Matrix definition of it.

Hope as a right brain quality is very much contradictive to the Control System: When it is your own construct and not theirs.
They are not too fond of us Spiritual Renegades.

We cannot have a free flowing spirituality without the embodiment of hope on a high vibe. Why? Because it’s the one and only fuel in visions: Not visions of foresight but vision for yourself, your kids, your sweetheart and a better world.

We all thrive on hope in its pure free form. Without understanding that, we might find ourselves in a cold desolate landscape ruled by Mind – left-brain – and you might find yourself snared into stigmata once again.

Hope is merely but a vision. Hope is one of the sharpest weapons we have in our spiritual armory.
Hope is not so much: Wishing for.
Hope is very much: Working for.

Hope is, in all of its powerfulness a vision.

Every day we hope a bit. It’s an underlying current in the consciousness and it’s very much the pillar or the salt in Conscious Awareness.

It’s an internal – external affair and a loop between the left-brain and the heart. It is a quality of the soul. Hope is a powerful healer.

If we say: My hope is that one day the Matrix will fall and the new dawn will emerge, I´m stating a very powerful vision. But: I also have to act on that hope or nothing will change. And that is exactly what differentiates low frequency Hope from high frequency Hope.

We are also issuing a very powerful metaphysical statement. Powerful, because it is an acknowledgment and a power pull. It will inflate your etheric field and boost it. Nothing is more powerful perhaps than that statement.

Remember I´m not talking ego here, I´m targeting the delicate realms of the soul. We hope and believe, and if we channel those powerful spiritual tools into the undistorted power of intention, we can put the spiritual wrecking ball to the walls and the source code of the Matrix. Without Hope, I doubt it. Unless we want a left-brain post matrix construct. That would be the construct of the ego still and not the soul.

Every morning when I get up I believe that I will make it through the day. I sure hope so. I don’t know, but the strategy of hope and belief has worked very well so far.
At night when you go to rest you look into the eyes of your beloved. You believe in love, and hope it believes in you. I really can’t make that a left-brain thing because it is a current in the sea of love or: For the love of it all.

We can’t own the desired, we can vision it and manifest it, whatever that desire is.

All intentions fueled by High Hopes are waves of intention flowing though the vastness of the infinite fields of possibilities and the key to manifestation of your deepest longings.

There is a hunger still unsatisfied for change in this world.

Hope is all we have at the end of the day and in the beginning of the next day. Problem is, it is not a collective wave of consciousness, and it is highly individual when we sense the high toning of Hope in the hallways of our intuition. But the wave is becoming collective.

Abandon that, and I´m afraid we will have to close the realms in the soul and lower the state of conscious awareness into the sadness of unfulfilled longings again.

Hope is an important fuel for any Pilgrim, walking this Planet.

© 2017 Soren Dreier

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