Himalayas Visible in Parts of India for First Time in 30 years

April 9, 2020

The Himalayas have become visible from parts of India for the first time in 30 years.

Pollution levels across much of the country – infamous for its dirty air – have dropped sharply amid the country’s lockdown as it tackles coronavirus.

Locals from the Jalandhar district in Punjab, nearly 125 miles away from the Himalayas, flocked to social media and shared impressive images of the snow-capped mountains.

Another user who described the view from Punjab as ‘Just amazing’ as he looked on at the Himalayas from his rooftop.

India’s Central Pollution Board said the nationwide lockdown has resulted in significant improvement in air quality in the country.

A report from the India Today Data Intelligence Unit reads: ‘Data shows that on average, Indian cities had an AQI of 115 between March 16 and 24. The air quality started showing improvements from the first day of the 21-day lockdown. The average AQI fell to 75 in the first three days of the lockdown.’

A ‘good’ AQI is one of up to 50 and means air pollution poses little or no risk, while an AQI of between 51 and 100 is deemed ‘moderate’.

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