How a Near-Death Experience Changed a Woman’s Life

February 13, 2020

Tricia Barker was just a 21-year-old college student at The University of Texas when she was involved in a head-on collision car accident. As surgeons worked diligently to save her life, she flatlined for two and a half minutes.

“My parents did not love each other at all. All that I saw between the two of them was hatred, and I had no model for what a healthy relationship was,” Barker explained.

Near-Death Experience

During her senior year of college, Barker was driving to a 10K race when she collided with another car head-on as she went through an intersection. Initially, she was conscious and realized she could move. The last thing she remembered before she lost consciousness was being lifted into the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

As doctors worked to save her life, she succumbed to her internal injuries, and her heart stopped. Then, Barker found herself having an out-of-body experience; she left her body and found herself looking down on it. She was agnostic at the time, and despite the circumstances, the experience was a pleasant surprise.

“… I was so happy that this spiritual form continues on—that there’s something essential about me and about everyone, something eternal, that continues on after death,” Barker said.

She watched the surgeons, and then she noticed two large beams of light at the end of the operating table, which she now refers to as angels. She remembers the angels telling her that she would live and would be able to walk again despite her catastrophic injuries. Then her whole body illuminated as the surgeons continued to work to save her. When the heart monitor flatlined, her spirit left the hospital and she felt a sense of unity with the people of Austin.

Barker found herself in the night sky and began receiving messages from a higher being. One of the messages was: “Love is all that matters.” Initially, she was a bit skeptical. Then, she was told to be like a child and to connect with nature.

“These messages were meant, I guess, to make an impression on my soul,” Barker explained.

At a certain point, a light started coming toward her. The higher being told her to look into people’s hearts, to not judge others, and to see the good in people.

Finally, Barker felt she had entered a realm with flowing grass as her five-year-old self. She encountered her grandfather who had passed away, but he appeared younger. Then he looked at her and asked if she wanted to continue toward the light. She replied yes, and her spirit form flew closer and closer to what she now considers God. She could hear the words of the people who were praying for her and could feel their prayers.

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