How Did it Get to ‘My Body Your Choice’?

May 20, 2021

I will not bow down at the altar of someone else’s fear. If our fear is driving us to shame and manipulate others to make choices that are not in their best interests to help us feel safe, then we need to check in with ourselves.

Is it my body, my choice? Or is it my body, your choice? It’s a hard one to tell these days.

We are rapidly reaching a point where anyone who choses natural healthcare, trusting their bodies, rational fear-free thinking and personal responsibility will be turned on. Not only by friends and family but also by government taskforces with the sole aim of eradicating ‘misinformation’ and jab hesitancy. Scary stuff indeed.

I can’t believe it’s reached the point where we need to state the obvious but every person has the legal right to decline the use of an experimental product still in clinical trial. Add to which, it hasn’t been proven to reduce transmission as that wasn’t the purpose of clinical trials, it doesn’t stop us catching it and it certainly won’t be giving us back our basic human rights. That opporunity disappeared the moment we gave them up.

If we aren’t aware of these basic facts by now then it’s a bleak situation indeed. All this information is readily available for anyone to find. Those who are seeking it out are the ones turning away from this injection and it’s no coincidence whatsoever.

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