How to Detox From Vaccines

May 12, 2020

Should you get a Vaccine Detox for yourself or your children if you’ve ever gotten a vaccine? The answer is absolutely yes! The toxins and heavy metals can stay stored in your tissues, particularly body fat cells and slowly poison your DNA, brain, nervous system and immune system. You can’t always control what you are “forced to do” but you can always do a Vaccine Detox and get that crap right out of you your children’s bodies asap before it lowers your IQ, causes autism, seizures and damages your immune system.

If vaccinations were really “good for your health” then do you seriously think they would be forced upon you? The obvious answer is “Absolutely not!” They wouldn’t have to be, you’d want to take them and feel great that you’re protected from whatever you just got immunized against. However, that is not the case. You would not have vaccine injury attorneys, getting awarded millions of dollars in damages from their clients (usually, because they caused a fatality in their family.)

Detox From Vaccines

How do you naturally and safely Detox from Vaccines? If you or any of your loved ones have ever had a vaccine, you need to do a vaccine detox. The vaccine ingredients are a bevy of very harmful toxins that are injected into your body and damage your brain, turn off your immune system, poison your liver and kidneys, and can even lead to cancers, chronic health conditions and autism in children.

Fortunately there are a few safe and very effective natural remedies that can help you detox from flu vaccines, MMR vaccines, polio vaccines, DTaP vaccines, Herpes vaccines, Anthrax vaccines, Chicken Pox, Rotavirus, Tetanus as well as the new ones being developed as we speak. Keep yourself safe from these harmful vaccines by doing a vaccination detox after you or your loved ones get a vaccine from any source.

Vaccine Dangers

Vaccine Dangers and HPV Vaccine Risks.

Risks of Vaccines are overwhelming, with no benefit and all negative and harmful effects that can damage a human for a lifetime. There are many types of vaccines from flu vaccines to MMR vaccines, to polio vaccines to even cancer vaccines, and not only do they not work, they actually cause the thing they were supposed to stop! Most people get the flu after they’ve gotten the flu shot! Those that didn’t’ get it, also didn’t’ get the flu!

They may tell you the damage vaccines cause is easy to reverse. Not so. It is hard to reverse autism! Recently medical doctors going to Africa to give “free vaccines” to the people are being mortally wounded because the people have learned that they are being harmed and sterilized! Bill Gates promotes this, and it is a fact that is said there is a population problem and he wants to fix it! Don’t be a victim to him and the medical system that want’s to profit off your pain!

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