How to See Auras – Electromagnetic Fields

April 17, 2021

As human beings, we radiate a level of electricity that’s otherwise known as an electromagnetic field. We often refer to that field as our Aura.

But that is not all.

Everything has an electromagnetic field or better, when we talk of objects in the physical – a frequency field. We have that dimension on account of nothing in this world is solid – everything is a vibrating quantum field.

Hence: All is frequency, all is vibration.

Science knows that today, and mystics have known it for thousands of years. Additionally, the ability to plug into that vibrational field of pure energy is used in healings.

So, how to see it?

It is probably simpler than most imagine it, since you don’t have to have any specific spiritual or mystical powers. You just have to learn how to use your vision. This little article is not so much about how to diagnose what we see, but more the ground work of getting in tune with it. I have used the following technique at multiple seminars and such and most people learned to see it within a couple of hours.

What takes time is to learn and interpret what you see, but that is not the point to this article.

The point is: How to do it, solely.

I would recommend using an indoor plant as your first object, because they have a very firm and strong electromagnetic field around them, one that more or less looks the same throughout the kingdom of plants as well as the denser field around the leaves.

It’s usually 1 – 2 centimeters and it vibrates closest to the physical leaves.

From here on, depending on your experience and even getting comfortable seeing it, it stretches up to 1 meter out of even a tiny house plant and often, trees, plants, and flowers touch each other and communicate via this field.

If you would like to see that – mastery is a result of practicing.

Let’s focus on the dense layer.

How to see:

-Pick a house plant.

-Place it against a light background. Preferably a white background.

Make sure that the room you are in isn’t too dark, or you wouldn’t see a thing anyway, and not too light. Being in a fully lit up room will override the light of the plant’s magnetic field.

Once you become familiar with it, you don’t have to take these measures – you can actually just do it and see it because you know by experience that it’s there. Your sight will automatically go into this new way of seeing things.

In other words, you are reprogramming how you see this world and the “stuff” in it.

-When the plant is in the right spot, you might have to adjust the light in the room, as I mentioned: You look straight at it.

Focus your vision to see the plant as sharp as you can and in as much detail as you can. Get to know it.
When that is in place:

– Keep looking at the plant, and this is the ‘secre’t technique , but now look to the horizon while still looking at the plant. In other words:

-Defocus, still looking at the plant, but look beyond the plant.

It is a matter of adjusting your physical vision from close up to far away while focusing on the same object and defocusing on the same object.

Tweaking your vision, would be a correct term.

It usually takes about a split second if you are used to it. It is not advisable to look too long. 5 – 10 minutes at a time should be enough until the field shows itself.

I am very cautious about the power of suggestion, but most people will see the vibrational field, the dense field, as a living field around the leaves or the whole plant that ends with an orange colored line that marks the end of that first field.

Beyond that there are all kinds of colors, but this is the first field.

In order to succeed, you will have to bypass the problem of: Visual Disturbance to your sense of vision as some aliment. It is not – this is intentional. So that programming has to leave.

By using this simple technique:

You can move on to what is seen as “dead” objects, such as your phone, TV, and furniture, and you will get the same result. You will start to see this shadow of energy surrounding them.

Then move on to cats, dogs … any biological being, and you will see it there in all of its abundance, and it’s a pulse of light and energy.

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