How To Practise Self Regression

October 26, 2018

Most people have some psychological debris floating around in their emotional nervous system which can create blockages, feelings of: Why do I react this way, why am I sad, why can’t I do things that seem so effortless for others? Why do I say ‘No’ so often to situations that I know could be beneficial for me to experience?

Could the key be in the past? Is it due to past hurt, confusion as to what really happened, situations we feel we didn’t perceive right and so on?

On another note, we also have a lot of ‘forgotten’ situations where we felt just happy, great, powerful and more.

Often one thinks that we would need more or less ‘professional’ help to clear out these blockages, but it isn’t always so. A facilitator say in Regression Therapy might come in handy at some point where we feel that we cannot penetrate the mystery of what’s burdening us, making us sad or situations we simply avoid, even though we can benefit from them, as mentioned.

I have worked with people now for 30 years and I think it’s fair to state that most people aren’t really afraid of so called failure but seem to be very much afraid of success. Maybe because they don’t feel they really deserve it, feeling not worthy and: “If people really knew me – they wouldn’t like me” sort of irrational systems of self belief.

There is a way to go into these landscapes of the subconscious that represent a very interesting journey into one’s past. It is not the path of narcissistic self-obsession; it is the path of opening closed portals in order to free the mind, body and spirit.

I have divided the exercise into four different states of self-regression and if you would like to take it on, you might find that you will need to go forward as I do here, but you can very well easily be in a situation where you bypass certain steps and follow your own flow. Please do so.

If you lose focus, leave the exercise and pick it up again when you feel like it. Never judge that you can’t do it, since if that is your take on it, you will need it for the reason stated above: You could be afraid of success.

On the other hand, traveling the realms of spirituality, a certain stubbornness and willpower is required. A lot of people bail out on things that require some effort due to the hugely misunderstood Cliché: That if it doesn’t go smoothly, isn’t soothing and basically isn’t a homerun on the first try – it’s not meant to be. Well, that’s about as silly and surface-based as it comes.


Before I walk you through the exercise I have to say a bit about false memories. Mainstream psychology is starting to realize the realm of false memories, which I will just label here as: The Fantasy Layer in the consciousness.

It mostly shows in Past Life Regressions, and not every facilitator is alert to that. I have spoken with many who think they had past lives, for example, in Egypt as a doctor to the Pharaohs. Well, all I can say is – they sure had a lot of doctors then. So the Fantasy layer often will pull the card of illusion.

Maybe you have been, but stay open to the fact, that what you experience during these Self Regressions can be very seductive when we set out.

Often a genuine memory, good or bad, comes with a feel of: Lightness, a bodily perception of a new lightness if it’s heavy stuff you pulled up to the surface or a boost of senses.

Be a bit skeptical of grandeur but leave the door open for it.

If you engage in this as part of your clearing or Waking Up, it can be very good to keep a journal. Take notes, and if the facts collide, dive in again.

Normally it is very good to do this exercise, when you lie in your bed ready to sleep, since if you should fall into sleep, the current of sleep in the consciousness is very close to the realm of deep memory and a portal can open up for you and make you dream and even experience Lucid Dreaming of what you set out to explore. Know that the dream in such a case would have very much truth to it, but since it’s not the intention to fall asleep, see if you can avoid it.

Please avoid doing this with alcohol in your bloodstream, since alcohol will lower your frequency and buzz down the custodians we have inside our nervous systems. The custodians are like firewalls, we have to have the code to pass them, and their job is to see to that we don’t touch down into a hidden trauma that would shock us. It’s basically the same custodian’s spiritual dynamic that is present in in-depth meditations. When we are ready for it, they will let us pass. Same with conscious out of body traveling.


Having said that, here is the four step Traveling Map:


Make yourself comfy and go into relaxation. Eyes closed. If you share a bed with your beloved, tell your beloved what you are doing so they don’t disturb. A powerful thing is to do it together if your love is into these things, since it will enhance the energy needed to transport you through the portals of locked in memories.

We all have a history and we know that so I won’t go into that. What one can do is to find fix-points in that history and start from there. Take the most obvious events: First day of school. The day you turned 18. Your first romance. The birth of a sibling and such.

Let me take the first day of school. Put yourself back in time. Fixate on where you lived. The apartment, the house. Your school bag. Your expectations. Who went with you, if anyone. The road to school, did you bike, walk or were you driven.

Transport yourself back in time and focus only on the visual memory. How did it all look. The classroom. Your classmates. The teacher.

Do this until it is very clear in your mind.

If school is too easy, find something more challenging


Apply details and emotions. Colors, names, trees, cars, clothes, pictures on the wall and things you see on the way to school and question those details.

This will put the mind in a very special state, swaying from almost dreaming, right brain, into specifics and logic, left brain and it will synchronize the brainwaves into the needed state. You sort of slip in and out of consciousness. One has to try it, to fully understand that.

When you have done that, take a note on how you feel about it now and how you felt about it then.

Then you transport yourself into a situation at that specific place in space and time, whether you’re in the school regression or any other, where you got bullied or really recognized. Always go from: not so tranquil a memory into a very tranquil memory. Like a pendulum going back and forth, in your own speed.

Often the situation that made you uncomfortable will take a couple of visits, and when it is no longer interesting to dive into that, you will have dissolved it and it will leave your nervous system. You’re a bit freer than the night before. Then you take the uplifting memory and basically do the same. Challenge the memory of it, not by taking yourself down, but by thorough examination. As many details as possible.


You apply Conscious Emotions. In the second phase, one can easily get overwhelmed by random emotions of despair, meaninglessness, agony, sorrow, victimisation and a canopy of challenging emotions. Same goes for the more positive random emotions.

This is where the healing kicks in. Since, one has to go, and this is Self-Regression, through the emotions once again since they took a stronghold and became your belief system of: School. Many say: School was pure hell. Yes, often is. But there was also some pretty cool stuff: Friendships, scents, interesting survival mechanics and so on. Try to balance it out and let go of the hate.

That is the Realm of constructive emotions, seeing your hurt and victories with the emotional insight you have now and the ability to analyze it from a grown up perspective and a spiritual perspective and: Walk Away.

You can stop seeing yourself as a victim and see maybe how that whole thing formed you into the anti-establishment person you are today. Had you fitted too well in, I wonder if that rambunctious soul that you have would have been called out. Maybe it was born there in the mud of a degrading school system.

When you are done with some easy fix points into your history go to the more emotional ones and still go from One to Three.

Why did my parents fight?

Why was I punished?

Which of them played the victim card?

Did they write on my soul: “Never believe in your dreams,” because they couldn’t?

Or whatever is troubling you. Just transport yourself back and be the observer. See it as you would see a movie.

First: Go there.Second: Details and scrutinize them, in order to penetrate the fantasy layer and reach into the realm of long term memories. Third: Apply your senses.



Past lives. Obviously the fantasy layer is much thicker here and if you go with that you have to show resilience.

Most of us have had plenty of very uninteresting past lives, as fishermen, hunters, soldiers. You know, the Classics. Some say that when we start to wake up and individualize we get six high impact spiritual lives and we are on the path to coming back to the Celestial by introducing the Celestial vibe into our lives as goes for ethics, valor and the ability, said very plainly: to forgive wrongdoings.

The journey from ego to soul begins here.

In order to breach, and that is a bit of a job, that firewall, it can be helpful to find ‘Classic’ places: The Colosseum in Rome, The Pyramids, Machu Picchu Peru, Easter Islands, Taj Mahal India, Victoria Falls Africa and such places. We might not have been exactly there but these historic vortexes provide a certain frequency that will open up the firewall and we can walk through it. You might not have been some fancy spiritual person at Machu Picchu, but you remember seeing the site when you went to work in the fields or you passed the Colosseum at the Might of the Roman Empire, sold a donkey at the market and got drunk and your wife gave you a hard time when you returned with no money.

I can say from experience, that it is very beneficial to deal with the emotional debris of this life, before we go to past lives. Partly because then we are self well trained to do it, and mostly, we will have the skill to penetrate the fantasy layer in the consciousness.

Below that realm is the magic of life. The real Myths, promises of Atlantis and promises of remembering our true home among the stars.

Happy Diving

© 2018 Soren Dreier – Services


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