A Spiritual Battle Where Normality Cannot Exist

July 16, 2021

Once we discover what reality is and what illusion is, our whole world turns completely on its head. Nothing makes sense anymore and finding an anchor point to root us down becomes nearly impossible when up is down and down is up.

I sometimes let go of this anchor and find myself completely losing all sense of sanity. While I’m aware that this is all part of the process, it can feel terrifying, which is why I write.

I write to reflect on my life in the world in the most honest way I can because I know I’m not alone. Being an individual going against the tide of society is utterly exhausting, isolating and disheartening. And I’ve noticed that all those who are grounded in the heart-breaking and painful truth of what we are witnessing, also feel the same.

Every day I speak to people who are fighting against the tide and we mentally lean on each other, like weary foot soldiers, totally spent of energy and weighed down with grief and exhaustion. It is a deeply stressful time.

We are all struggling to live in this fractured existance. Trying desperately to carry on day-to-day living when we are frozen in fear at the horrors we see playing out and cannot stop. We try to push against it and we exhaust ourselves, only realising that we can’t force anyone to see what we see, after many disappointing attempts.

Truth and love break through the fear

We live in reality yet exist in illusion. One that most can’t recognise. It’s this mind-bending existence that makes some days are so unbearable that it’s a struggle to know how to keep putting one foot in front of another.

I sleep with anxiety-filled dreams and wake to the dread that we are tumbling head-first into a point of collision and divide, one that has been pre-meditated, against those who are injected and those who aren’t. Yet, for those of us who know the playbook and understand the full extent of what is planned, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

However, while that fear is lingering, quite literally on the periphery of every waking moment, there is also another powerful emotion that rises up. And that is love.

This is the love I feel when I embody truth and connect with those who share it with me. My love for these people, most of who I’ve never met, is so strong that it is an unbreakable connection. My heart literally swells for these conscious, vibrant and beautiful beings who stand up for humanity. They have been life-savers in such dark times and represent the true silver lining of the chaos.

This love is the final tether that keeps me sane and connected. Knowing that I am not drifting alone in this illusion but invisibly supported by millions of others floating next to me. All of us doing our best to survive in the absolute madness.

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