‘Humbled by the Emergency Healing’

August 2, 2020

Dear Soren,

I feel I didn’t give you a proper thank you for the Emergency Healing.

That you are here and sharing your gifts……  WOW

The energy is still working with me (as you mentioned) and this is the first day in a long time that my emotional body feels…should I say….lighter and filled with joy and determination….important steps in the path ahead.

Your ability in the mystic field is magical and I am humbled that you choose to share this with the ones who come forward…The openings will allow my body to heal in ways that are appropriate for me.  I will step forward and follow your advice in all ways.

In This world and not of it..Aug1,2020…allowed me to focus again …and your words about the gatekeeper to me rang many bells about the celestial field and not to let the vibration slip low again..I wrote a poem in 1996 that I would like to share with you..Thanks to the angels and the the powers that be ,that you are who you are and there for me and others that reach out.

What have I become
That people need to bate
“Throw out your empty garbage”
As I walk towards the gate.

My pack gets lighter, as I climb
The demons …they can’t cling.
The strength returns to my spirit
As my soul begins to sing.

What a journey this has been
An exotic soup that blends
All of me that ever was
The patterns now can mend.

Godspeed Soren.

Love to you


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