Readings – I am More Than OK

June 23, 2017

I am more than ok with the reading.
I am so great full that you have taken out the knife to cut deep :) I have given you a permission to say what you had to say when I have sent my request. You made me smile.

I am going to tell you something here….the way you have spoken to me I been waiting to hear for 60 years, since the moment I have entered this beautiful but tick soup called 3rd dimension. Because, I could never connect the dots on a deeper level, I would be constantly and desperately search for that voice to help me and comfort me. You have done it and it humbled me. The reading is a good start and I might just take my wings out of the closet :)

Deeply stirred emotions brought much tears and intense pain into my solar plexus as you have touched my biggest challenge of my life which has been present since my very early childhood. That is when I knew that you are real if I might allowed to say it that way.

Thank you for your authentic, real, practical and humorous way.

C- U.S

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