‘I Felt Reassured For the First Time’

February 11, 2017

Dear Soren,

‘A few days before I received my reading from you I experienced the following:

First of all, I wanted to thank you for sharing the Vangelis – El Greco music with us.  I was listening to the music and I felt your’s and Stuie’s presence and both of you were healing me on an etheric level.

The palm reading was absolutely divine and phenomenal.  When I was listening to the reading, the whole time I had tears streaming down my face.  You were so poignantly accurate.  You are the only person who truly understands all aspects of me.  Yes, you are absolutely right, I have not ever felt that I belong here on Mother Earth, even though she is magnificent and is  the most beautiful jewel in this galaxy.  I feel like a renegade from the future on a different timeline that I do not resonate with.

With your soft, gentle loving voice I felt reassured for the first time in my life about my life’s purpose from your prophetic reading.

Yes, you are absolutely spot on about me being emotionally fragile at the moment.  It feels like my soul is slowly dying, even though I do not believe in death.  I do feel blessed that I was guided to you at this moment in time.

I have had a vision in the past where I have a beautiful garden and I am growing rare herbs.  Also in this vision I have a apothecary making elixirs and people come to me for healings.  I have not ever shared that vision but you revealed it.

The honour has been mine as well, to have received a beautiful gift from you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful, divine reading.

Thank you also for sharing your gift and your profound writings with humanity.

I do hope that my email was not inappropriate.

Much Love and Blessing to you Soren’




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