I Know I Knew That!

January 15, 2019

In the post yesterday, I wrote a bit about consciousness:

Our eternal consciousness. A very intelligent construct – exploring what knows us the best – from ancient time to the present it only unfolds if we take it on, or it remains dormant…….And some more.

I’d like to go a bit further into that.

From a basic perspective:

We know that when we die, the only thing we take with us is our consciousness. We have had myriads of deaths. We have had myriads of lives. So, the ‘content’ of our consciousness, seen from that perspective alone, has the memory of these lives imbedded in it.

Often our surroundings trigger a deeper memory of “I´ve been here before” and most importantly: We don’t meet new friends or loves, we recognize them. Some experiences of déjà vu can also relate to the past lives and are not always glitches in the Matrix.

We have this knowledge and when we tap into it, it comes out into the open as a distinct memory, as clear as what we had for breakfast yesterday. It’s very hard to do that within our own consciousness, so to speak, and we often need a helper to tap into that knowledge. Some use regressional therapy, some use hypnotherapy as a tool to tap into the source of lives gone by.

Which again means that our consciousness knows us the best. If we tap into that knowledge the consciousness reacts very generously and very willingly to satisfy our hunger for self-knowledge. If we don’t go into that specific realm of the consciousness, that knowledge remains dormant. Past lives here, past lives in other universes, and it goes all the way to our ‘source’ code, when we were Gods and could manifest a Galaxy with the wink of our hand.

So, is it with other realms of the consciousness.

Metaphysics, Spirituality, Soulful Knowledge.

I think it fair to say that our soul knows all of this. A common phrase in Spirituality – ‘the soul is all knowing’. Yes and no. It is, but something Higher than the soul is resting with the God Force and has this infinite knowledge.

Since we are knowledge seekers: Let’s say we enter a spiritual seminar or read or hear something inspiring: A different window opens into our all-knowing consciousness. By learning, we get the tools to tap into that realm and we go: “I Know I Knew That” and the levees break again.

We needed a tool: A Teacher as a midwife of the birth of our knowledge. That is our real purpose by the way: Knowledge seekers in this life and so many other lives.

Some people use DMT, the spirit molecule, to tap into the realms of 4D and 5D that already are dormant in the consciousness. If it weren’t – they wouldn’t experience it. DMT makes you step out of Mind, not Consciousness. Consciousness expands inside consciousness when we are out of Mind. Looking for something that is already there – we are, and that’s a good thing. Different births need different midwives.

Light hides inside light (different frequencies of light) – Darkness often hides inside its own shadow.

We´re here to pick up knowledge by learning by doing, and the more streetwise we get to this day and age, that’s what we take with us when we go home. We´re upgrading the knowledge and ready for a new round, somewhere and maybe here again. One of the many ways our consciousness expands.

The equation is:
To tap into what lies dormant in us (hence: Becoming Awake), to gather as much as we can, and very important: To manifest it into 3D, which can’t be done in the celestial realms. Mind (Self Awareness) – Body (Mundane Life) – Spirit (Consciousness).

We are so much more than we are programmed to think, and that is why the System of Control keeps people in the state of mind that I referred to in the last post. Scared. Fearful. Unaware.

That is why they make a mockery out of every person who crosses the threshold of self-knowledge to a degree where such knowledge is a threat to them.

And make no mistake – the New Age ‘Movement’ has long ago been infiltrated, ready to lead people astray and focus solely on the bling – bling of the Matrix.

Real knowledge of who we are is what the system fears more than anything.

Us knowing, beyond a shadow of doubt, that we are the Ancient. Well, it just doesn’t fly.

Give it wings Pilgrim. We have Angelic stardust in our DNA. Give it wings and fly high.

© 2019 Soren Dreier

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