Ignoring Stuff Doesn’t Fix Stuff

July 3, 2019

Someone said to me the other day: “I talked to this woman who gives spiritual advice. She said: “Just ignore the stuff and it goes away. The more attention you give it, the more it grows.”

That statement is very problematic since its both false and true. A spiritual paradox which can only be solved by observing how often the same thing (re)appears in our lives. If it keeps on insisting and repeating itself – you need to solve it.

I thought: Well, if your internet provider keeps sending you invoices and you ignore them – yup, your internet goes away. And they would still want their money now at a greater expense and you are left disconnected.

At a certain point on our route to being awake, we will also learn that: The more attention we give it, the more it needs to be solved. Because attention often flows by itself to the things in our lives that we do not think are working for us.

A good measurement of things that are bothering you will, as if it has its own will, show up as the last thing on your mind when you go to sleep and the first thing you think of in the morning.

This all relates to being able to maneuver the practical life we have, you know life in 3D. If you meditate regularly, the troubles you have in your practical life, such as financial stress, will pop up and impact your emotional wellbeing. It just keeps pushing through and ruining that state of Calm you’re seeking.

Many in the Matrix think that meditation will draw you away from life, as an escape from it. They are obviously dead wrong, because the true seeker will know how to act and not leave any practical action to improve his or her feel of calm get sabotaged into a spiraling downfall of the practical or emotional challenges of life.

That is self-destructive and disempowering and energetically it will wear you out.
That is the whole purpose of that argument.

Spirituality is self-empowering. So, if you can, pay the damn bill or write them that the money is on the way.

‘To know something is good – to do something is God.’

It is also poor advice in the bigger scheme.

The thought was marketed by the hit job on sober spirituality called The Secret.

One very problematic statement in that particular Matrix is: “If you protest war, you give it energy.”

The more you protest war, the more you raise your voice – the more you stir up a crosswind for the war makers of this planet. This is about using your attention consciously and taking control of it. If you do, it doesn’t work the way the lady said.

It is called The Power of Undistorted Attention.

It happens, because when we opened the floodgates of our walk to self-empowerment, we had to deny being distracted by the Controls System’s carpet bombing of fear in order to sabotage our nervous systems. That terrible problem there – this scandal there – the blessing of vaccines, the dangers of sunshine and whatnot.
The solution will present itself as: Selective Attention.
We can only use that if we can control the way our mind works. I am definitely not speaking of the Control System endorsed Mindfulness, but being your own master in your own ‘house’.

The things you chose to put your attention to in this often very dark world are where you will place your Warrior energy.

The never-ending stream of fear that is pumped out by mainstream media every day is just distraction, with the sinister purpose of ruining your faith in life as a safe place to be. If you put your attention to that unwillingly – yes, its seeds of fear will grow inside you and you are likely to spread it.

Remember: Fear is not what is happening – fear is the reaction and if we stop that, deny delivery – we are no longer prisoners of Counter Spirituality nor the Control System dancing its wicked dance in perfect collaboration.

Find your cool and examine what is served to you – mundane and spiritual. Take a stand. Find the inner warrior.

Get your practical and emotional life in order so it doesn’t stress you. Take a stand or sail away on: Blissful Ignorance.
But know this: The troubles are still there, and will present themselves again and again.

A clear mind is an untroubled mind.

© 2017-19 Soren Dreier

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