In a Sacred Garden

July 2, 2019

As a boy I had visions and a strange connection to a garden. I didn’t know the trees – olive trees and palms, bougainvillea and such back then.

When school got boring I would go to the garden in my mind. When I was in trouble or there was too much commotion going on, I would go there. A place of bliss.

When I went, I would often find myself sitting on a modest bench. I would see the trees and hear the birds and often I would hear a mumbling from afar.

I would rarely see persons in the flesh, but I always felt a presence on that bench beneath the olive trees: One entity on my left side and one on my right side. I never dared to look.

What was very interesting and adventurous to me was that I could communicate with those beings. I would ask them questions, they would always answer as an inner voice of clarity.

At that time, scents would appear. As I have written before, obviously at that time I didn’t know, that when you sense with your sensory system, and I have to emphasize beyond any reasonable doubt that this is real and not the fantasy layer of the brain, you are there, having an out of body experience while being in the body. You basically just shift position and attention.

I never cared much about that distinction, maybe because both worlds were very real to me from an early age. And ‘both worlds’ doesn’t even cut it, since it is ONE world that we feel we must split into logical or metaphysical.

That division is really what is holding us back from perceiving ‘Wholeness’ since there really is no distinction at all. We can go to that state of mind as adults – we really just have to decide inside ourselves that to embed both, and maybe not try to explain the ‘Why’ so much.

Sometimes it’s like explaining to an Eskimo how a banana tastes… its much easier to give him one. Learning by doing, feeling by feeling, sensing by sensing.

I am quite sure that you, dear reader, have mystical experiences and have had them as a child, and explaining is very challenging as they often are very individual. But if you do, you often will see that they actually are collective.

The Gethsemane visions and manifestation wasn’t. Later on they became.

Up through my twenties I didn’t go there. I forgot about them and I was like everybody else at that age trying to find out about love, education and such. I completely went out of the ‘field’ of Christian esoteric.

In my 30s I found it again or it found me.

In my visions I was back in the Garden with two celestial helpers by my side. I still didn’t dare to look, since I was afraid if I did they would disappear in the same manner we often experience when we dream the presence of somebody talking to us, and then when we try to find out who it is, they are gone.

Reigniting that vision and the metaphysics of it pushed the esoteric field of Jesus back into my life and I took it with me to seminars as mentioned. I decided not to tell the students about it in advance, but later I would have to deal with it since it made a huge impact on them.

The sessions I held at seminars would be something like this:

I would ask everybody to lie on the floor and I would ‘body talk’ them into relaxation. Then I would introduce the concept of astral travelling often to the music of Vangelis. Some esoterically engaged people tell me that Vangelis’ ‘1492’ is the closest we can get to the Vibe of the Holy Spirit. I don’t know about that but it is Celestial.

When everybody was relaxed and their eyes were closed, I would go into the garden and sit on the bench. The Garden was not known to the student in advance. After the travelling which would usually take an hour, a very significant number of them would tell me that they were in a garden on a bench beneath the olive trees and there was a strange bliss to the place. But the thing that impacted them the most was the presence of non-biological beings beside them. They heard mumbling and had a feeling that Jesus was nearby.

That of course could be explained as me transmitting that to them, since I went there very fast. I had that theory for a while until I suggested to some people that there is a place, in a garden where they can go and seek answers. That could be people in the U.S, Australia, Canada, Africa, and so on. I was not physically present with them, so that should rule out that transference from transmitting the picture or the scenario via the metaphysical realm of the collective consciousness.

I casually mention such a place sometimes and people will write back to me: I suddenly went there in a dream or meditation. I sat on the bench. Wow. Do you know that place, because you where there.

One thing seems to be very solid: There are always three presences on the bench… the visitor and two guides.

Which, put into framework of Christian metaphysics, very well could be:

The Father (The God force),
The Son (You)
Holy Spirit (The fully integrated part of the God Force/Creation or what you prefer to label it as).

So, in times of hardship or in times of joy: There is a place in the astral / etheric field where there is a bench for you. Where Celestial beings will appear by your side. Where you can ask any question you feel valid and you will get the answer you will need. Where you can go and seek bliss, softness and a still moment like frozen in time of complete safety.

The only thing you have to watch out for is the ‘spiritual inflation’ that can appear. In order to avoid that: Stay humble and modest.

The answers you will get will be like your own voice in your head and you will have to learn to separate the silent whisper from your soul, the specialness noise of the Ego and go only for Spirit. The part of us that both rests with the Celestial and is an eager traveller.

©2019 Soren Dreier

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