A State of Everythingness

October 28, 2018

It has become a narrative: Go into the Nothingness. It is the anatomy also of being detached, a state of: In this world but not of it. Nothing wrong with that, but I would like to make the case that the state of Nothingness actually is the entrance to a state of: Everythingness, since ‘Nothing’ is an illusion.

There is no Nothingness, since Nothingness, can be compared to: Emptiness, which is great – but an illusion.

We know from quantum physics that the field of Emptiness, the ‘space’ between particles in the Quantum Field, is a conscious field, since it has some built in Dynamics/Mechanics, such as: Gravity, Electromagnetism to mention only two.

We also know from Quantum Physics that this field is highly synchronistic, as in: When one particle’s spin is altered, its ‘Sister Particle’ immediately no matter the distance, alters its Spin to match the change of the new rotation.

Especially observed with Photons, light particles that travel away from each other at the speed of 300,000 km per second. It is the speed of light and in order to provide that synchronicity the two particles have to communicate with a speed over 600.000 km per second, and that can’t be done, since the speed of light is the fastest speed science knows of.

One could argue that behind the synchronicity that is embedded in the Field of Emptiness there has to be an Intention that provides the Synchronicity, which I see as a law of its own: The Law of Synchronicity, the source behind that is: intention and in order to manifest an intention, there has to be consciousness to intent it: The God Force (God if you prefer).

This is where Quantum Physics can’t enter, since it would have to acknowledge an intelligent source in the Universe and Quantum Physics can’t deal with the God Force since it’s not science. This is where Niels Bohr said something like: If you look into that field, you see God.

The Mystic said:  “Split a piece of wood and I am there, lift the/a stone and you will find me.” Referring to the field of Everythingness, which by Big religion has been tweaked into: ‘I am watching every move you make and you can’t escape me, to horrify people into feeling sinful all the time.’

Translated into a Mystics point of view: Nothingness is merely the outskirts of: Everythingness.

Sometimes we get lucky and have a breakthrough experience and can sense that same Everythingness, either through a mystical experience or meditation.

The feel is: Both being connected to All and being disconnected from All, and that is exactly where the God Force dwells.

It is a fair statement: That also the God Force is: In this world but not of it. Which should explain the longing for major Celestial intervention in this world, a world that surely could use some divine, celestial, God Force intervention – but ‘God’ doesn’t really answer the phone.

This is a bug and often the big question in every ‘Big’ Religion but since Big Religion is a Matrix it has to have such a glitch. Big Religion is an altered and manufactured state of spiritually that endorses spiritual submissiveness and is a construct of mass control. In order to sell that construct there has to be a core of Metaphysical truth or else we wouldn’t buy it.

When we feel nothing mundane, when we observe nothing, when we think nothing: Emptiness steps in.

I have to emphasize Mundane, since approaching that field will make your emotional, intellectual and physical structure take a higher altitude in feeling that is no longer feelings (feelings come and go – that is why mystical scriptures east and west describe them as illusions).

We have to furnace them and alter them into: States of Mind.

NOT as an intellectual affair, but by the inner alchemy such breakthrough experiences provide: Heart and Mind and Body become ONE. They become or seem to become One, but even that is an illusion since we have transcended the Mind-Body-Spirit narrative and are just now: The Observer – that is pure Spirit, the Ancient One inside us – that dwells in a state of Observing but not analyzing. When we analyze we become self-conscious/self aware = intellect. We can do that after such an experience – but never when it is unfolding.

In other words: We accept and hold no more resistance to the State of observing without analyzing, ‘just’ experiencing where we truly come from, who we truly are:

A co-creating being of the God Force alongside or at One with that force, and when we realize that on an experienced level, we are all Gods or Creators of Creation, we are Omnipotent. We are the Alpha and the Omega. We are the creators of the laws in the Everythingness and since we are – we have the power to affect them. Healing is based on that. Law of attraction is based on that. Telepathy is based on that. Intuition is based on that and so on.

When we realize that, again on an experienced level, we will know that we are safe. This world has gone off the rails, but in that state, we see no need for intervention since it would bring us to: Being in this world but OF it.

We have to practice switching these states of mind, since it is highly problematic to even advocate no intervention if we see wrongdoings in our own lives and collectively. We must be able to put on the armor of Spiritual Warriorhood to lift things to a higher ground in whatever field we can and what is within our reach. The things we see as: Not within our Reach, we can change by understanding the Field of Emptiness and work it from there.

That brings me back to ‘Intention’ – What is our intention? To let things pass, and make a bypass, or to elevate ourselves into a state of: Let it untangle on its own terms.

Often it is a hard choice.

Our intentions are embedded within our Purpose, which so many are asking for knowledge of. We need an answer to that question, since Purpose never travels alone, it has sub-purposes, like being a parent, being a lover, to have fun, you know our 3D doings. But ever thinking that it’s a contradiction, being able to switch between the states of consciousness mentioned: Is what keeps us from realizing:

There really are no contradictions. Contradictions are based on what we do not understand.

One state of mind, feel, doesn’t sabotage the other and when we truly grasp that – we are at peace, also when fighting, when loving, when being an asset to other people or what we see as our intentions in our daily lives.

Hence: Chop wood – carry water.

The release of these questions lies in: To Know Why We Are Doing It. We can truly answer that when we understand the State of Everythingness:

One with the Wood, One with the Water, One with the Universe.

A State of Everythingness – Part II

© 2018 Soren Dreier

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