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April 2, 2019

‘When we
do not make silence a virtue
and noise a foe
we will always be in a quiet place’



Got a lot of reaction to this. So maybe I should explain.
Sutra’s are always a puzzle as they are meant to be.

The text of course does not apply to spiritual practices where silence often is a treasured virtue.
The text targets going about and being in our daily lives.

Life in this world is never silent. There will always be some form of noise.

If we see silence as a virtue or a must – we are lost, since it is impossible, but we can of course enjoy the silent hours.

Having noise as a foe is equally counterproductive – since, it is a busy noisy world and the sound of other people’s lives and doings will always surround us.

Seen from an Ayurvedic perspective – it all reflects in our nervous system. If the nervous system is at ease – we will not be bothered by noise because our perception of noise is a reflection of the state of our nervous system.

Hence the story of Siddha’s meditating at a construction site with the presence of a concrete drills, and the business of such a place…..

If we do not demand silence and perceive noise as a natural thing, we will find ourselves unimpacted. We will then be in a quiet place sparked by acceptance.
The key to this state is to be found within our nervous system.

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