Indian govt Employee Skips Work to Go to 5th Dimension

May 22, 2018

A senior engineer at an Indian government agency has been no-show to work for eight months for he was busy performing his duties as a deity, namely the 10th reincarnation of Vishnu, the man explained in a letter to the employer.

Some office workers are ready to go to great lengths to find a legitimate reason to be absent from work, however, one government employee in India took it out of this world.

Rameshchandra Fefar, a superintending engineer at Gujarat government’s Sardar Sarovar Punarvasvat Agency (SSPA), tasked with compensating those affected by the Sardar Sarovar dam, has claimed he is the 10th incarnation of  Vishnu, one of the three main gods in Hinduism. The man, who in his late fifties, said he has been toiling on behalf of the Indian people as a deity and could not waste time on more trivial tasks.

“I am doing penance at home by entering into fifth dimension to change the global conscience… I can’t do such penance sitting in office,” Fefar wrote in a letter he sent to the agency in response to a no-show notice. The man said his restless work has not been without success, taking credit for last 19 years of “good” rains in the country.

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