The Power of Inside Listening

January 3, 2019

In the last post I mentioned the Healing Darkness as a place to retreat and center ourselves. There is a deeper layer you can apply to that practice if it suits you.

Darkness is understood here as the Big Black and has absolutely nothing to do with the more eerie toning of that word and entities within it.

We fear physical darkness by default until we befriend it – what we fear more is the fantasies: What imagination can spin, often conditioned by mainstream ‘entertainment’ with all of its ghoulish hype. That is of course not the case here.
But it is very deep in our DNA and we have to reprogram the programmed fear into a ‘Rational Awareness’ and common sense. No need for a night stroll in the Serengeti. No need for slum tourism round midnight in a rough neighborhood.

Introverts seem to have a sound relationship with the concept of ‘aloneness’ and the absence of triggers to the nervous systems and senses. They heal in that.

Some are also very, shall we say, spooked by the language of their body.

Some get anxious and some get downright scared when they can hear their own heartbeat, blood pulsing through the veins, internal digestion sounds, the sound of the body doing its job. And that is really what it is – just the sound of the body keeping us alive.

This little exercise targets these inner functions. If we can keep a steadiness to it, we will experience that these sounds can help us in understanding our layers of fear, and understanding if the body is trying to tell us something we should pay attention to.

It will ease out meditation practice if you meditate daily. At first it will stimulate the ‘Inner Ear’ and then it will stimulate and boost the ‘Inner Eye’ and thus: Sharpen your intuition and ability for awareness.

In order to do this, you will have to create a Darkened Room, with as little light as possible. Then you might want to alert your sweetheart not to make too much noise and the kids too, if you are in that situation.

It is very good to lie on your bed with a fairly heavy blanket on, since it will provide a feel of safety and counter the feel of vulnerability of being ‘alone in the dark’.

In that darkened room you will need to put a blindfold on, not too tight, since that will produce impressions of vision.

Then you will need to block your hearing. When I do this, I simply use earplugs and if I don’t have them headphones, obviously with no music playing.

Position yourself comfortably and you can set a timeframe. I recommend an alarm clock under a pillow or a cover so it won’t freak you out. If you are new to this and a bit afraid of it, set it to 10 minutes and then build it up over time. If you are used to the Healing Darkness for comfort, set it to 30 minutes.
One of the challenges is not to fall asleep, but don’t blame yourself if you do. You got a rest.

When you start, have your breathing in your tummy not on the top of your lungs.

When the breathing has settled, it’s time to start listening; heartbeat, pulse, abdomen, etcetera, and just go with the flow and where your Inner Ear takes you.

If you get scared, try overcoming that. If you get really scared, stop and find another day to do it.

Rest in the sounds, follow them and explore the inside.

Visions might kick in; usually they can be fear based. Just tell them to go away. It’s programing, either from ghoulish mainstream media, or spooky Teachers who taught you that the darkness is full of Ghouls waiting to suck you dry and the only safety you have is with: The same person who taught you that. (Oldest trick in the book)

There are Beings of the Light you can call upon before you set out. They will protect you. I recommend the Angelic Realm.

Then you just let the visions flush out your fear if you have any, of course, but most of us do. Just flush it out by observing them and NOT identifying with them. That’s often the problem with fear, see: We fear the fear – not so much the fear itself – because fear is not what is going on – fear is the reaction to what is going on.

This is also, a very good spiritual key to bypass fear in real life.

Some people fear flying, so they start to fear the trip when they book the ticket. Waste of time. Be scared if you need to when you enter the plane, not 3 months ahead. Some fear love on the grounds of being abandoned by the beloved. Maybe wait until your love says: I´m leaving for good.

When we have fear we are sitting ducks for collective control and the people we love the most. Not particularly empowering.

If you can go deeper and deeper into that Darkened Room, you will wear it out, both the fear of the Inner Ear which is tied to the 6th sense and the fear of the Inner Vision  also 6th sense and your intuition will transcend into a deeper state, since its not blanketed by fear anymore,  as will your ability to maneuver the Matrix.

Bon Voyage.

© 2019 Soren Dreier

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