This Intensive Cannabis Index Will Help You Find the Perfect Strain

September 8, 2017

As Cannabis becomes legalized in more and more states, as well as Canada, more and more strains have been made available to the public. With wonderfully organized websites like Leafly, customers can be directed towards the strains of cannabis that can help ease their particular pain or discomfort, whether the problem is physical or mental.

The use of medicinal marijuana has been linked to helping lift your spirits, staying active, helping with insomnia, overcoming social anxiety, inspiration or mind motivation, and becoming more active. It has medicinally been prescribed to fight fatigue, manage migraines, depression, cramps, treat arthritis, and relieve stomach pain.

With dispensaries popping up on every corner it is important to have easy access to accurate information on how specific strains can have positive impacts. Starting with the simplest separation of sativa, hybrid and indica. Sativa is described as tall and thin and grows between 0 and 30 degrees’ latitude and has a longer maturation cycle. It is known for having uplifting and creative effects, with a cerebrally focused high. It is recommended for relieving symptoms of depression, ADD, fatigue or mood disorders.

Indica, however, is short and busy and grows in areas between 30 to 50 degrees’ latitude and has a higher yield than sativia. It is known for its relaxing sedative effects and full bodied high. Usually effective in treating anxiety, insomnia, pain and muscle spasms.

A sample done by Leafly, shows their visitors who rated the effects of a strain of sativa vs. a strain of indicia. The effects of each can be found here.

Hybrid strains fall along the spectrum between the effects of indica and satvia depending on the inherited qualities from the parent plant the strain leans towards.

Find your perfect strain here in leafly’s cannabis index.

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