Is Your Child Addicted to Fortnite?

June 15, 2018

Fortnite is quickly taking over the world as the most popular video game, but experts warn of an impending addiction crisis.

Fortnite has hit 125 million players worldwide just a year after it was first released, with an estimated 40 million playing monthly.

The unrivaled popularity of Fortnite among players has partly been fueled by its availability for free on smartphones as well as on traditional home video game consoles, making it popular among teenage gamers as well as seasoned players.

However, experts warn that the popularity of the game is turning into an obsession.

‘It’s quite the phenomenon among kids in my practice,’ said child psychologist Randy Kulman to Live Science.

Many psychologists have described patients who are ‘obsessed’ with the game, playing it thousands of times, sometimes through the night, and even becoming violent when their parents intervene.

A nine-year-old girl from the United Kingdom is in now rehab after becoming so addicted to Fortnite she wet herself to avoid moving and hit her father when he tried to stop her playing.

However, some psychologists are pointing out that obsessive tendencies regarding video games have long been a problem.

‘I do see a similar pattern among the patients in my practice,’ said Emily Gifford, a clinical psychologist in Westchester, New York to Live Science.

She told the publication that some of her Fortnite-obsessed patients are having difficulties managing their time and constantly fighting with their parents about playing the game.

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