It Must Be Hard, Being The King Of Thailand

September 1, 2020

The king of Thailand has pardoned his concubine after throwing her in jail last year and had her flown to Germany to join his Alpine harem, it is claimed. 

Playboy monarch Maha Vajiralongkorn, 68, has spent much of the pandemic in Germany with a reputed entourage of ‘sex soldiers’ assembled as a military unit at a four-star hotel. 

According to Bild, they are about to be joined by former royal bodyguard Sineenat Wongvajirapakdi, 35 – who was appointed ‘royal consort’ last year but quickly fell from grace and was stripped of all her titles. 

Now, the king is thought to have granted her a royal reprieve – and went to Munich Airport himself to pick her up. 

The consort, also known as Koi Wongvajirapakdi, was gifted the title of royal consort to mark the king’s 67th birthday last July. 

It was the first time in nearly a century that a Thai monarch had taken a consort, after the king married his fourth wife Queen Suthida earlier in 2019.

Reports earlier this year said the king had booked out the whole fourth floor which includes a ‘pleasure room’ and is decked out with ‘treasures and antiques’ from Thailand.

His ‘sex soldiers’ are said to be assembled as a military unit called the SAS like Britain’s special forces – with the same motto, ‘who dares wins’. 

One hotel worker said staff are forbidden from the fourth floor where the king and his entourage have set up camp.  

However, the king’s diplomatic immunity means that there is little German authorities can do about it.  

Queen Suthida reportedly spends most of her time at Hotel Waldegg in Engelberg, Switzerland, without her husband. 

The king is protected from criticism in Thailand by one of the world’s toughest defamation laws, with prison sentences up to 15 years. 

However, some protesters have made veiled criticisms by asking what the weather was like in Germany. 

A hashtag that translates to ‘why do we need a king?’ became popular in Thailand after an overseas activist posted about Vajiralongkorn’s activities in Germany.  

Others have dressed as Harry Potter characters and held up pictures of the series’ villain Lord Voldemort, also known as He Who Must Not Be Named.  

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