I’ve Become a Covid Ninja

September 1, 2021

I don’t shy away from speaking my mind.

In fact, I feel a great need to express myself, now more than ever, in the words I write and the actions I take. They are the basis of my integrity and integrity is all we truly have.

Without our core values, which guide and define our lives, our existence is rootless and disconnected from purpose. Without them, what are we?

Sometimes, walking the walk is often more powerful than talking the talk. There’s no need to shout.

Actions can speak louder than words and my actions are well defined. No, I will not have an injection I deem to be severely harmful to my wellbeing. No, I will not wear a face-covering that suffocates me and hides my individuality. No, I will not allow myself to be brainwashed in a cycle of fear and a spin of propaganda.

No, I will conform to this madness. And my actions will be the evidence of this.

Going stealth

I’ve made the conscious decision to spend as much time with people who I can be my true self with. They’re my little tribe of like-minded souls (who would also like to connect with your little tribe so we grow in number).

With them, I have no need to hide my thoughts away, like they’re dangerous and volatile things that shouldn’t be allowed to see the light of day (they’re not, they’re valid concerns that deserve to be heard), but I still spend time interacting with people who follow the narrative.

These people do not resonate on my frequency anymore.

Last year, when it was still all so raw, I would have found it very difficult to stay neutral and calm in a conversation about covid, whatever it is. Now, I feel better equipped to slide under the radar, maneuvering like a ninja, around conversations that used to bait and hook me. I consciously avoid them, which I know is in my best interests.

Yet when I can’t, the heavy mask of ‘no reaction’ really wears me down.

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