Jupiter so Big and Bright that it will be Visible to the Naked Eye

June 10, 2019

Jupiter is so big and bright in the night sky that it is visible with the naked eye, Nasa says.

The planet is currently at its closest to Earth, meaning that it can be spotted in the sky without any special equipment.

And while it looks beautiful enough already looked at with the naked eye, peering through binoculars or a small telescope could offer a detailed look at the planet.

Catching it with inexpensive equipment could even allow for a view of its four biggest moons, as well as the bands that go around the planet.

The planet should rise at dusk and stay visible all through the night over June, the space agency said.

It noted that anyone who fell for the planet while looking at it should have a flick through its images of Jupiter, taken using the Juno spacecraft, which show the beautiful swirls of its surface in unprecedented detail.

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