Karma: The Man Who Couldn’t Let Go

November 6, 2019

In the early ‘90s, I was traveling the country at wintertime, giving speeches and demonstrations on Intuition. Today, I think it would be called platform clairvoyance. The season would start in mid-October and end in mid-March.

I had a colleague who did the same. John.

People saw us as competitors, but that wasn’t our take on it. I just knew John was very successful – he had full venues and so did I. Then John got a segment on a late-night TV show and I got to see him read people on live TV. He was good. The next day, he faced a shit storm in mainstream media.

I got his number and called him, and said, “You´re good. Don’t let them get to you. If you don’t want to deal with them, I will.” He appreciated that and I went spiritual warfare on his behalf. He scared them.

I later faced the same stuff, following a segment I did on a morning show. I was also precise, talked plainly, and journalist couldn’t deal with that. They wanted the New Age Cliché. Following that, John did the same for me – bounced the attacks from written mainstream media. We both got offered a job with the same mainstream media, writing on spirituality, so it all worked out fine. 

However, this was the start of a lasting friendship and we decided to go on tour together. We teamed up, created a show that lasted 3 hours, and we called it ‘Fortune Telling for Country Folks’ just to piss the rest off with titles such as ‘Clairvoyance in the Light for Lightworkers’, and what have we. Of course, we didn’t mind that, but we loved to tease them.

To stress our point, we had in our notes that there should be 8 canned Coca Colas and 8 Mars Bars for us before we would even consider going on stage.  We had fun and we bounced our troubles at each other, our doubts, and we fine-tuned and coached our performances.

I mention this here because many years later, John brought this to the table:

The Man Who Couldn’t Let Go

He had an elderly couple who would seek his advice now and then and they all became friends. Time would have it that the husband got severe cancer and had been on his deathbed for a week. John was in Africa for 3 months at that time, but on his way home.
The wife asked if he would come to the hospital and also sit by her husband in his final hours.

John, it’s fair to say, wasn’t that much into these dynamics, but he knew I had included them in a book I wrote, in a section called “How to Die.” So, he asked me if I could coach him through it. Sure, but John is a calming influence in himself so he really didn’t need it.

One evening, the husband regained consciousness and was quite lucid, and he said to John, “I can’t let go.”

John, of course, reassured him that he had to. This was the end.

“I have a dirty secret,” the husband said to John.

“Yes, I know,” John said, because he knew. He could see it.

John called me and told me what I am saying here.

My answer was, “Have him tell you, even though you know, you´re his ‘priest’ here and he needs to make a confession and something about the truth shall set you free.” John agreed, and I know how much this tormented John – it was way out of his comfort zone.

John asked the wife to call him the next time her husband was lucid and she did, and John came. He asked the wife if he could be alone with her husband.

The husband said something along the lines of:

I feel so bad. I had a mistress for 5 years, and my wife doesn’t know about it. I was leading a double life and she never found out. It haunts me, much more than the pain I have. I can’t say goodbye and I can’t tell her. She will hate me.

John told him that he had to or he wouldn’t find peace, not in this life nor the afterlife.

The man asked if John had spoken to me, and John said he had, and then he wondered what Soren thought. Soren thought the same. I didn’t know the man, but was well known to the public.

The husband needed a break, and slipped in and out of consciousness, and when he was back steady, he asked John if he could call his wife.

John left them, obviously, and went to the waiting room, letting them have their privacy in a moment that proved to be such an intimate…maybe the closest meeting in their life together on a soul level. So fragile – so tender.

The wife later met John in the waiting room and she was shaking.

“I forgave him,” she said. “I truly, truly forgave him. We have had such a good life together. I won’t let this be our legacy.”
When John told me that, we both were highly moved by her forgiveness.

Two days later, the husband passed on, able to let go.

Our ‘new’ Karma is what haunts our consciousness.
Others might have passed keeping their secret, but this man couldn’t. He felt he had acted against his own ethics and hereby betrayed his wife and he hoped for forgiveness in order to let go.

It’s very individual what we perceive to be Karma. The other point to this is:

If he had passed before he could seek absolution, it would have haunted him after his passing, since all we have with us is our consciousness and what it embeds. 

His inner Purgatory was such a powerful thing, keeping him alive in excruciating pain and agony, wanting to let go but not being able to. Mind/Consciousness over matter.

From a metaphysical perspective, it would have kept him after his passing near his wife, unable to leave on the account of guilt. Instead of taking that position as a ghostly entity, he could proceed into the afterlife and make a visit now and then.

He refused to take what he perceived as his “Inner Fall” with him, but left it where it belonged, in the mundane.

© 2019 Soren Dreier

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