Karma: When We Get It – We Embed It

November 4, 2019

It is a common belief among spiritually engaged people that what we take with us when we leave this life is our consciousness. And it is so.

Then much is said about Karma.
Much of that is complicated pondering, and when it’s complicated, it’s a sign of our lack of understanding it. Or maybe, as a way of luring the “lost” souls into a certain belief system, where the local “Guru” is the way to avoid that Karma.

Let me introduce this very uncomplicated reality as goes for our present lives:

Karma is what bugs you – about yourself, your doings, and your way of dealing with stuff in this present life. Nothing else. Simple, as in a basic dynamic. The psychological Karma.

I have to distinguish here from Karma from past lives, since it also applies for those, but stuff unsolved from those lives will play a part in this life, as Karma is a patient entity. 

What we can call the karmic blueprint of lives lived, will in some way obviously manifest in this life now, as events and situations that will point to the prior dynamic: Karma is what is eating you up from the inside – about yourself, your doings, and your way of dealing with stuff in this present life. It’s a loop.

Back to consciousness:

Sometimes we know what we do is “wrong.”
Sometimes we know what we do is right.

One of the best feelings in this life is to know we did exactly the right thing at the right time for any given situation. Finding our Love. Finding our Purpose and such. Upbeat Karma – Ya!
It’s a glorious feeling and it should be celebrated without ego pride, just that wonderful feeling of feeling good inside. Cherish it and stretch it all you can and go buy a very expensive present for yourself.

But what about the “wrong?”

The wrong is what haunts us. Haunts us by being a theme of self-blame, or “I wish I had done it differently,” and “This is eating me up inside.”

It haunts us to a degree where we think of it before going to sleep at night lying in our beds. It’s there at the kitchen table in the mornings. This is the ‘wrong’ karma you have built in this life. Simple as that.

You did something that went against your core belief system.  You did something that you feel bad about, because it hurt others and this is important: You knew better than that…

My advice would be – mend it, tend to it, seek to repair it. Because Guilt, what it basically is, is a lonely traveler always on the lookout for a vacant shoulder to cling itself to.

When you solve it, tend to it, untangle it – be as honest as you can, and if your efforts fall short, well, at least you tried but weren’t forgiven. But the metaphysical energy in your efforts will ease the karma out so it won’t haunt you anymore. The person you tried to make amends with hates you still – but: now the karma rests on that person, not you.

In order for this to work, you have to be, as mentioned, honest to a degree where you are consciously vulnerable and if you can muster some love for that person or situation you are trying to untangle – that absolutely won’t be a handicap. If you feel an urge to go manipulative – well… Karmas not to be tricked.

Which brings me to the core of Karma:

You are not in any way to blame if you do not know what you’re doing is wrong.

How can I say that? Because of your consciousness.

If it isn’t in your consciousness that you are treating a situation poorly you are in the clear. We always try to do our best and know we have a lot to learn still. But we meant no harm.

If it is in your consciousness that you are treating a situation poorly and seen from the inside with bad intent, you’re creating karma for yourself. It is metaphysically referred to as The Fall Inside.
If we fall outside-we bruise a knee. If we fall inside – we bruise our soul.

Add to that: That we cannot give each other feelings.
We can raise feelings in another person.
Hence: The Buddha and The Gift

That perception is crucial to understand: That what we don’t know we don’t know – what we know, we know.

Even though we cannot give each other feelings, it is not an excuse to treat people very badly.

So, what people think of you, assume of you, and get offended by you really isn’t your problem and is certainly nothing to worry about if your self-conduct doesn’t collide with your inner values.

And that is the vortex you can step out of. Happy and smiling.

Offend somebody, who cares? If that somebody is offended by your opinion of this and that, it’s his or her problem.
If you tell a snowflake to Cowboy Up, you’re not offensive. It’s free advice if you have no personal feelings invested.
You can also just walk away without saying anything, but that’s maybe not the point of you meeting each other.

Breaking a lovers heart? If you cant love that person anymore – that is the damage.
Should you stay out of guilt and pity? That is a false premise and is hardly helping anybody and you will rally start to resent that person and yourself for that misplaced favor. We cannot give what we do not have!

It’s Karma Yoga – 3D Karma – and learning by doing.

It may be a good thing to Karma Chill a bit, not being so afraid of it. Karma is a lot of fun, also.

By examining what haunts you, you can fix it.
By examining who haunts you, you will see that its You.
If you don’t fix it, it will present itself again, maybe in a completely different person. Karma also moves in themes and when we get it – we embed it.

Traveling light.

© 2019 Soren Dreier

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