Kennedy Spiritually

November 8, 2016

In 2015 I researched President Kennedy. He has all the hallmarks of the Loner and vertical (celestial) attachment.
I know very well that by saying that, it collides with the more collective take on him. But I would like to dive into him anyhow to stress my point. I´m not telling the whole story in detail as goes for his life, since it is not the purpose of this post.

Jack Kennedy didn’t want to be president. That job was reserved for his older brother who died in the war. Kennedy’s ambitious and vindictive father, who got in great trouble and was more or less repelled by Washington because of his sympathy toward the rising nationalist party in Germany. His father might have operated under: I´ll have my revenge over the establishment, of whom he was a part, and the Kennedy Klan will rule America.

So he ordered Jack to take the place of his brother. Jack was most reluctant, but gave in.

Going into the field of Kennedy, which actually is a field, since he is still remembered and his ‘incorruptness’ is still admired by many. Some speak of him as one of the few real presidents the United States ever had.

His real job was to see that Nuclear Armageddon didn’t go full throttle at that time and age. He won marginally over Nixon (Thank God), and took the Office. (Very much similar to the situation this day since a vote on Clinton is a vote for WW3)

I think there’s a broad consensus on that the most significant high stress period under his precedency was the Cuban Missile Crisis, which brought the doomsday clock for this planet 30 seconds to 12.

The Hawks of the Pentagon wanted that Armageddon and he fought them off. He stayed within his belief that even the Soviet Union, at this time, didn’t want it either and he was right.

Kennedy saved the world way back then. That was his job, his Celestial task, and he went home shortly after.

Kennedy had something the others did not have. He had a karmic friend or soulmate by his side. That was Bobby Kennedy. They both synced, which was a great task also, with the civil rights movement and challenged the racism of the deep South.

What a great celestial impulse America had then. Luther King, Kennedy and Kennedy. A Trinity of Change.
So surgically precise, so Celestial in its core and in many ways America is looking for that greatness again and has been looking ever since. I know that Dr.King and Jack Kennedy was not on the best of terms, but they didn’t need to be.

What did America get after this: ‘Presidential crooks and psychopaths’. Maybe that’s why everybody is so hung up in: Being petty offended, where feeling overlooked seems to be the New very popular Kid on the Block.

I am well aware that Jack Kennedy wasn’t perfect, but that, as mentioned, really doesn’t spoil the picture but reinforces it. Jack was, lets say, very happy about the opposite sex. A great fan of beauty and who can blame him that.
Spiritually that could be the impact that often hits: The Loner, seeking love and company but not being able to commit.

I’m in no way excusing it or seeing it as a good thing, but I never go judgmental on what happens in other people’s bedrooms. None of my business, I only know that if we get lonesome among people, since as you know he was married, we seek comfort. He also had a severe drug abuse problem.
Kennedy frequently visited Frank Sinatra‘s compound in Miami, where he could enjoy privacy while indulging himself in weed, coke and plenty of women, until it became a problem for the FBI.

As goes for the horizontal attachment spiritually, it can’t commit, and sometimes the vertical attachment isn’t even quite clear to the soul who has it. It’s a limbo that we have to experience to fully understand.

Kennedy had the hallmark of a revolutionary soul, and as for Gandhi, Luther King – when the job was done, they get murdered. Esoterically: No more time in this world, which neither felt as part of, but back to the celestial, the vertical attachment.

For the great ‘anonymous’ numbers of souls walking this path, it seems the same: Jobs done, no more reason to stay.

© 2016 Soren Dreier

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