Kids With ESP – Be Scared

August 28, 2018

Of course main stream media has to present this as Spooky and embed a picture of ‘an evil child’.
They do not want you to tap into that potential we all have, especially as children.
Keep it scary

Parents have shared the creepiest things their children have said to them, in an array of chilling stories.

The thread was kicked off by a nursery teacher on Mumsnet, who described how a toddler in her class predicted both her pregnancy, and that of her colleague.

The woman revealed the young girl had placed her hand on her co-worker’s stomach saying ‘babies’, weeks before the woman discovered she was pregnant with twins.

Other parents quickly shared their own spooky experiences of their own children seeing ghosts and recalling historically accurate memories that happened before they were alive.

Kicking off the thread, a mother asked for other parents to share instances ‘where a child has freaked them out’, writing: ‘I worked in a nursery and there was a little girl from a place in Africa, she barely spoke any English.

‘Her dad was actually the leader of his tribe back in her home country so she was somewhat deemed a princess of sorts.

‘She walked up to a colleague of mine, placed both hands on her stomach, kissed it and said BABIES. And walked away. Turns out she was pregnant with twins, she found out a couple of weeks later.’

She continued: ‘About 5 months later she walked up to me, places her hand on my stomach and again announced BABIES , and walked away… lo and behold a couple of weeks later….. (not twins though)’.

And other parents quickly flooded the thread with their own experiences, with one writing: ‘Chum’s little boy, aged about 4, met chum’s work colleague for the first time and said chattily, out of the blue: ‘Are you sad because the tree fell on that man?’

They continued: ‘Colleague had been widowed some years due to exactly that. Chum had never mentioned this or discussed it anywhere near her boy.’

Continuing the theme of children who appeared to have psychic powers, another user told how their four-year-old sister hugged their grandfather and told him she wouldn’t forget him just hours before he passed away unexpectedly.

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