February 6, 2020

A most powerful force is Out Of The Blue Kindness. It seems to have a life of its own. It´s like a manifested organism multiplying on the inside and the outside. Highly contagious and for some suspicious, but it’s their problem.

There are levels to the value of it of course. Any act of kindness that comes with a condition is ego-build up. Any act of kindness that comes without condition is ego take down. When kindness comes without any conditions it’s a locksmith.

That is really valuable, the door opener effect. Every person on this planet is plugged into a neural network and when networks of kindness open up, the climb uphill becomes somehow easier. It transcends into a beautiful journey like a gentle breeze supporting you.

A lot of programming to the concept of kindness has to be transcended. The goody-goody do right. What if people abuse it and such?

It is a sad thing indeed when kindness is mistaken for weakness. Best thing to do is to take your kindness down a nudge – no reason and certainly not any spiritual reason to waste your energy in that field.

They will probably push your button and go: You’re so Ego, since you wont play that game anymore. There is highly intoxicated New Age thingy about taking the ego down. Ego equals: No good.

There is on the other hand the more esoteric approach to the ego. Still needed, but occupying less space.

Kindness is a choice one has to take. By doing that it becomes a habit. But you got to do it for the right reason and that will be: For no reason! Other than being kind, helping, nourishing and such and erasing the programming that tells you that kindness is solely for dreamers.

By manifesting kindness, we will attract kindness. It’s a universal dynamic like being evil on a conscious level. It’s really all about choice. Everything is.

Kindness is stick of dynamite into the control system..

Some countries actually tax kindness. They call it “Friendly Favors “. Among so called “ordinary citizens”. So they must be very scared of it. Kindness cannot be controlled and nobody should be controlled by it.

It is a very thin line that divides kindness and manipulation. That’s a very good reason to go: Kindness without expectations. Deposit some kindness in the souls of the heart people. They are very kind and expect nothing in return. Naive, think? That’s the programming talking.

Gentle, loving, giving celestial manifesting beings. Yes, we are, if we have the courage…

The currency of kindness will provide for us – if we do it for the right reason – for the right people.

© 2020 Soren Dreier

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