King Ragnar – Concepts of Spiritual Warfare

August 14, 2019

I gave ‘Vikings’  a go, and it caught my interest so I stayed with it.

I understood when I researched it, that it is fairly correct, historically. There have been some doubts whether they wore the right clothes, but it’s minor. In the center of events we have Ragnar Lothbrok and we follow his early years as well as his last? Time will tell.

During the first part of Ragnar’s life he is busy conquering land and women and engaging in sneaky business to get himself to power, first as an Earl – Later a King.

Ragnar has a feminine side to him that is shown brilliantly by little gestures of his hands and eyes and in his relationship to women. He only conquers them with consent, dazzled by their softness, and he does not engage in rapes on women and children. He finds that disgusting.

Ragnar is curious about this world and his need for power combined with his thirst of knowledge leads him to go West, and as the first Viking, to set his foot on English and later French soil. They loot and they slaughter and that story is generally well known.

Ragnar finds his soulmate in a British monk named Athelstan.

He finds himself drawn to Christianity and the monk only survives because Ragnar sees him as a source of knowledge and protects him against the hard-core Norse Religion followers who wish to kill his ‘pet’ Christian.

Ragnar taps into him and his knowledge and expands his love for Mysticism. I will not pinpoint the full story here – since it would be a spoiler if ‘Vikings’ is on your entertainment to do list.

In Season Three, we find Ragnar seeking solitude. He goes on different Vision Quests in the mountains and his behavior alters. He becomes ‘illusive’ to his fellow Vikings who respect him too much to kill him. It becomes a consensus to let him be: A bit off, except for his friend Floki, who starts to see him as a threat to the Viking Gods which are the glue that hold this society together spiritually. Anybody can tell stories of the Gods and nobody contradicts these stories, so it evolves into fantasyland – often, strung out on funny mushrooms.

This illusive period in the life of Ragnar is necessary, since he doesn’t judge Christian people, which he is in a way obligated to, because of his position. He drinks with great spiritual thirst of the Monk’s mystical cup and forms his own hybrid of Norse and Christian religion.

He also sees that the brutality of the Vikings is mirrored in the Churches of England and France who in the name of Christ torture and abuse on a ‘higher’ level than The Vikings. The Vikings don’t justify their killings in the name of the Gods so much as the Christians do. They actually excuse torture by the words of Jesus.

So Ragnar is expanding his mystical beliefs and has to go illusive to protect himself and keep up good appearances in order not to make unnecessary enemies. While doing that, his Warfare skills expand on a practical level, culminating in his conquest of Paris. That is just plain epic warfare. “Only the dead shall conquer Paris,” a seer told Ragnar. So it was…

Instead of being a pawn on the Chessboard of War, he becomes the Chessboard. Which is very clever since pawns will get knocked over. A vortex point in Ragnar’s life and spirituality since it’s ‘seeing it from above and not get sucked in’, Ragnar evolves from brute force warfare into intelligent warfare. When he finds himself succeeding in that he goes full: Detachment.

His Chinese mistress is a former slave of Ragnar’s wife. He sets her free. He wants to tap into her knowledge of China, their beliefs and their way of life. She lets him tap into her sensuality, which culminates in a scene where Ragnar bathes her, softly, softly and yet so dangerously, since he caresses her with a newly sharpened knife. The knife symbolizes the ‘danger’ of deep, deep surrender right in the core of the concept of: Surrendering, to your senses and to ‘going with the flow’. They both achieve sensual illumination.

He says to his Chinese mistress, while on the boat to France for yet another loot, ”I’m not interested in land, treasures and power anymore,” while he trips on her medicine that she gives him. Probably Opium. She has him hooked, and it’s intentional and most likely orchestrated by Ragnar’s wife who is having a ‘Ragnar is away love affair’ with a God.

Ragnar attaches into the mundane again on the river towards Paris and ‘everything mundane’ is slain. Now Ragnar is also in withdrawal, since the magic medicine ‘oops’ ran out in a very crucial and defining moment.

Ragnar has conquered the Void inside, the hollowness in power over land and souls and is now fully invested in his spiritual journey. Then he flips back into the Mundane.

Ring a bell?

I have often spoken of going from horizontal detachment to vertical attachment and that is shown so brilliantly here. That guest will visit every engaged and invested soul who seeks enlightenment. As said before: There is a huge difference between being Enlightened and Awake and yet they are as close as intertwined lovers trying to merge their being with the beloved.

We: Give it up. The need for power. The need for popularity and so on.
Mundane matters and horizontal only.

A lot of people get stuck there and do not realize, that in the start it’s a pendulum that swings. Later on: The Pendulum stops. Time stops. Everything stops and:

Starts again. Higher levels – Higher Frequencies and we become illusive to the souls still caught up in the willful mundane and spiritual blindness of The Matrix.

The thing is:

When we are in that void of transformation, we often have to be illusive, since every firm opinion will pull us back into the spiritual status quo we so desperately wanted out of. That is where people would say to you: You do not seem that invested anymore and so on.

Being honest with ourselves, we cannot be invested in non-progression, even though we have to throw out everything we thought we knew – but apparently there is so much more.

We just have to set out and conquer new territories. Not of this world anymore, but now focusing only on conquering our own celestial craving souls.

Not easy, it can ‘take down’ even the fiercest Viking King.

The secret is: Do not fear that void so much it will keep you from the most important battle of them all:

There might be outside battles. The important battles will alway be:

On the inside of things.

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