Lock Down Italy! Updated x2

February 23, 2020

The Zombie ‘Con’onavirus’ Apocalypse Hits South Italy

Italy has confirmed its first case of coronavirus in the south after a holidaymaker from the north fell sick while visiting Sicily with her husband and friends.

The woman, from Bergamo, had been in the Sicilian capital of Palermo since before her home region of Lombardy was put on lockdown following an outbreak of cases at the weekend.

But in recent days she began showing flu-like symptoms and went to hospital where she was diagnosed. Guests of the Mercure hotel where she was staying have now been quarantined and tested for the infection.

Italy confirmed a total of 54 new cases of coronavirus across the country on Tuesday, bringing the total to 283 with seven deaths ( see below – SD) and one person recovered. The total is the largest outside of Asia.

News that the infection had spread sparked panic-buying in the Palermo on Tuesday as shoppers stripped supermarket shelves bare and raided pharmacies for medical supplies.

Two prosecutors also opened an investigation into price-gouging amid reports that face masks were selling online for 10 euros each, while bottles of hand sanitizer had rocketed overnight from 7 euros to 39 euros.

Coronavirus spreads to the SOUTH of Italy, with panic-buyers stripping supermarket shelves bare in Palermo and 54 new cases nationwide, bringing the total to 283

Feb 24:

6 Deaths in total:

One of the new deaths announced today was an 84-year-old man who died in a Bergamo hospital after being admitted for a different illness but then discovering he had the virus.
The second was an 88-year-old man from Caselle Landi, in Lombardy. It was not immediately clear whether he had any previous health problems.
The third was described in Italian media as an 80-year-old man who had recently had a heart attack and died in hospital in Milan.

Which apparently spreads Con’ona PANIC:

Six now dead in Italian coronavirus outbreak, 219 infected

Feb 23:

This is going precisely as predicted.
Coming to a town near you!

3 Deaths, unfortunate, but who died:
-77-year-old woman
-Adriano Trevisan, 78
-An elderly female cancer patient

They could easily have died from the seasonal flue, pneumonia or what not.
This is not unusual…

Here we go…

Venice cancels carnival and Giorgio Armani axes Milan fashion show after coronavirus outbreak kills THREE and infects more than 130 across Italy with 12 towns on lockdown

Italy imposes draconian rules to stop spread of coronavirus


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