Last Train To Wuhan – II

March 11, 2020

The Corona plays out, as predicted, in this post from mid February (Last Train to Wuhan).

Not only with the economic impact, but also as an imposed psychological warfare against your psychological health and it is pushing people into herd mentality where they think the Dog guarding them isn’t in cahoots with the shepherd. It is hard to restore one’s faith in humanity following the hoarding scenes you might have seen on the internet.

The division has set in between people who can see through this and herd mentality.

We must look at these weird scenes unfolding, and try not to judge this. Observe, see it, and walk away.
People who are scared do dangerous things.

I will not post more about the Corona agenda; today’s general posts are the last.
Hotels are shutting down on this coast and tourism is sabotaged. Most Mediterranean countries live on tourism and the ripple effect of that spreads throughout society in small and big town tourism.
I wrote that this would make the financial crises of 2008 seem like a minor inconvenience. Airliners now going bankrupt, flying empty planes in order to keep their ‘slots’ at the popular destinations. Airport slots: Use them or lose them.
Markets in the Red Zone of crashing.

I will not give it anymore attention since: The subhuman, soulless beings behind this ( All Things Wicked) are charged and getting obscene beyond any level seen before.

There is, as I wrote in my little prediction, now measurements in place that exceed post 9/11 for ‘your own protection’, of course.

I have never seen anything like this – people advised not to touch each other, not to interact – which is very clever since it will be a buffer zone once people wake up to a new kind of Fascism. People, cities, and countries in lockdown.

This is the general rehearsal to see how far they can go, and right now they are pushing the envelope in order to introduce Corona 20/21 (2020-21) and that will probably be “even scarier.”

They will say this: Look we made it through this (Corona version 2019), we protected you with our draconian medieval measurements. We got rid of Corona19 exactly by doing what we did. So, this time: we have to come down even harder’ and people will believe that and willfully obey that, all thanking The System of Fear for taking away their freedom.

They know that it scares people even more that the Enemy (a virus) is invisible, so who do people take it out on?
People = The contaminator.

It is a very easy thing to do for The System of Fear, to travel the world a bit with some test tubes and slip it into certain places (So-called Corona Hotspots). Why Northern Italy? (Tourism) and the Iranian Parliament (Geo Politics).

We are the Vaccine. Those of us who can see through this. But people are too scared to listen.

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