Last Train to Wuhan III – The Crossing

April 13, 2020

I will make this very short, but will elaborate in upcoming posts.


The “Corona” will be introduced again in November 2020 and in April 2021.
The November version will be marketed as a weak virus.
The April version will be marketed as the one now: A “Killer Virus”
They will need these events for the final push in their agenda. All onboard!

I did the first Wuhan post based on a vision. It has turn out to be quite correct.
I later wrote that this would make the financial crises of 2008 seem like a minor inconvenience

As you most likely know:

The plan is to wear the population out in a constant fear pressure so anything will be accepted, Vaccines will be accepted, and they are almost there by the broad population, which we now can see is begging for it. But as you know, other agendas are involved.

Surveillance acceptance (for your own safety), of course.
No mass gatherings (to fight the system).
Social distancing (to fight, well – intimacy, human interaction).

I can make a comparison to 9/11 which ignited the surveillance into a quantum leap on the common perception that the terrorist is the enemy. The events of 9/11 made a global impact, and every time we want to travel, we are confronted with “security,” being x-rayed, searched, and whatnot.

To our children and some of us – it has become a normal.
Those of us who remember flying and traveling before 9/11 still know that all this control and targeting wasn’t there before. We are now tranportable cattle lining up for government abuse and suspiciousness. A product of collective fear, imposed by the few that controls the herd.
That narrative continues and we will not have that.

Vision of The Crossing:

Instead of describing the vision, which wouldn’t make much sense, I will debunk it. I have described it to people in Guidance and feel it’s time to get the visions out:

We are now in a defining moment of the future of humanity.

One track leading to: The Path of Darkness = One world under One control.
One track leading to: The Path of Self Reliance = Freedom, people power, the New Dawn, it has many names.

Since we are aware of the Path of Darkness, I will sketch out the main issue with the Path Of Self Reliance.

For it to succeed, it will take 25 years, one generation. During those 25 years, turmoil will be dominant, which brings me to the concept of self-reliance.

If we look around, we can see that most people don’t have it. Many are begging for vaccines, trust in the government, trust in leadership, and the trust in leadership creates a predicament, since we are so programmed to think that we need strong leadership to get safely through life and this is very important to understand.

The System of Fear long ago taught its citizens (subjects) that Self Reliance is contradictive to the State in whatever country on this planet, since if you have it, you won’t need a state or mindless bureaucratic ‘drones ‘micromanaging you telling you what you can and cannot do. Politicians come and go. Bureaucrats stay put.

We see it with children, actually:

Some kids need a lot of intervention, as being told how to behave or acquire social skills. They are not Self Reliant by default. No child is, one can argue, so it all depends on the level of intervention from the adults interacting with that child. Said in other words: They need strong boundaries.
Other children don’t need that.
They need very little intervention, a phrase used in Children’s Psychology is: The Competent Child. That phrase covers a child who from birth and up through childhood doesn’t require its surrounding to correct it, tell it how to treat others, and so on.

To put it into the context of being “Awake,” we can see that the Self-Reliant child is quite awake, has its own ideas, has a creative approach to life, and dares to question its surroundings often in an exploring way.  They need pointers. They do not need governing as the first group does. We all come from the same place in our personal history: Childhood.

My point is, when we rise against the System Of Fear, which has made itself pretty bloody obvious to Self-Reliant people, but not “The Masses,” it will cause a friction that will take 25 years to go through. 

There is no bypass, the only way to get through is: Through.

So, when the critical mass hits the fan, most people will look for and need, because the programming sticks, leadership. However, the rest will oppose this on the narrative of: No leadership, please. We’ve been through that, we didn’t take this fight in order to submit to a new system of programming that tells us what to think, feel, and eat. 

That will create a great division, confusion, and real fear. Real fear as opposed to manufactured fear, and people who are scared do dangerous things.

Yet again – it’s a problem to release billions of people from an oppression that has always been there, which now is as thick as ever, into a New Dawn of personal freedom. 

People who think that is not a problem and if we can get total freedom, which the Self-Reliant dream of without severe friction, may need to rethink their narrative. It’s not the hippie dream that anything goes from one day to another. It is a transition.

It is well known among released prisoners that they would really like to go back to jail, because the “freedom” they find outside the walls – they can’t handle. 

My point in saying this is not singular, it is multi-faceted.

We will have to come up with visions of freedom from any kind of oppression also spiritually.
As a way through this, we will have to build the New Dawn on the foundation of decentralization, NOT a new world government led by an elite.

We so need to understand that we all are the ‘Elite’ as human beings being brave enough to come to this place for this experience and not start another round of being governed,  micro managed and systematically abused into obedience.

We need to understand that the government is us – you, me, and the only spiritual foundation that we need is already within us. Our empathy, in our understanding of our unique approach to life, love, and creativity, is equally as good as others’ understanding of life, love, and creativity.

No more pitting brother against brother.
No more fear.
No more alienation.

Wait just a little for the critical mass event that will take down the system of fear, designed poverty, designed scarcity, designed surveillance, designed abuse on all levels and go for the 25 years aftermath of rocking the boat until it sinks.

We will prevail if we have the courage.
The giant artificial high tech (un)comfort zone take down, releasing this planetary Stockholm Syndrome, and take not a whiff of freedom, but a true state of freedom for the longest time.

A nice little Carrington event would be cool for toasting Elon Musk’s satellites and the 5G into oblivion and They are actually doing this in a solar minimum.
Sneaky psychopaths.

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