Last Train to Wuhan IV: Where Is The Celestial Intervention?

April 15, 2020

I have received quite a few emails asking: What about the God Force, God, Jesus? When will they show themselves and intervene in the global darkness descending on us?

I would like to answer that.

The answer is partly vision based and referring also to how some people experienced the Celestial during the last couple of weeks.

I have mentioned the Field of the Christ over the years in my writings, since that is the Field I am most experienced with.
I have also mentioned that the Field of the Christ is not a field tied into Big Religion but a Mystical Field that covers the longing—metaphysical/spiritual longing—most people have for attaching vertically and not horizontally: Hence the: “I am in this world but not of it,” which is detaching from identifying with the horrors going on, in order to move the consciousness to a place of observing.
When we do that – we can see – without letting our feelings stand in the way of clear intuitive non biased perception.

And it is hard right now not to get angry, frustrated, fearful, and such, but we have to hold on to that energy right now and not go into critical mass too early, as mentioned previously.

In a metaphysical context, it’s about not using and hereby waiting with our inner energy, and letting it build up in mind, heart, and body and hereby, it will gather, transcend, and transform our inner power into a mighty force of spiritual and psychological strength when the Crossing manifests.

Throughout the many metaphysical practices, Christian Mysticism, Buddhist Mysticism, and so on – that technique or approach to preserving energy and building it up is well known. I wrote a bit about that in Stretching Happy.

If we are waiting for an external Celestial event – I can say that it won’t happen.
To stay in the framework of detachment: The Celestial is also in this world but not of it. That can sound strange and maybe a bit provocative, so I will phrase it into: “The Universe” does not intervene, it contemplates on its creation.
A point also manifested in: “Stop Governing the World and It Will Govern Itself” – Lao Tzu.

Which I talked about last in the concept of: Self Reliance.

For many, that can be a hard pill to swallow, but it is the Red Pill, as referred to in the movie The Matrix, that is the unpleasant Truth as opposed to the Blue Pill, which is the pill most people fancy, since it holds them in a state of: Cold Comfort for Change.

The Celestial is learning by doing, and growing stronger on the inside in order to manifest itself into the heart and consciousness of the good people on this planet. Where the most longed for solution is: We want a Celestial manifestation to appear in the skies and solve this problem once and for all. Which would derail the power we have on the inside into just following an external force.

The learning here would, however wonderful that would be, be very limited in this soup of abuse we´re swimming around in at the present.

No sky God is going to come to the rescue.

We will come to the rescue because we are Gods, we are the celestial, we are the salvation, we are the hope, we are the redemption, we are the future. There should be no need to go into explaining how They (The System of Fear) have taken that away or tried to for centuries.

What they took we have to take back, and the good news is that people are feeling the Celestial on the Inside more and more.

The Celestial is showing itself and manifesting on the inside realms, the inner planes in us, as never before.

It is so powerful that we actually are saying to each other in this unprecedented situation: “This is interesting.”

By saying that, we are in the middle of it, being: The Observer.

That shows the power of the Celestial working within us, since it’s not an intellectual argument but a State of Mind. 

States of Minds, Stay. Feelings and emotions come and go, and that is why they are seen as illusions, in Sanskrit: Mays = Illusion, not to be trusted. We have two states of minds being enforced and reinforced right now and through this crisis: Our ability to observe and our ability for Compassion and Empathy. Change what you can, perceptions, actions. 

Those are very strong States of Minds and I have never seen them stronger and strengthened by The Celestial.

The ability to observe is hard to contain when people, most unknowingly, are suffering on an unprecedented scale, since it calls for the Warrior in us to confront this stuff here and now. But as said before – we have to wait for the Critical Mass event to manifest, so in other words: We have to wait for the Okay to Go signal or we will individually get crushed.

It is a very strong energy to contain. How can we do it, then? We can counteract.

Is the Celestial helping? Yes. 

By charging and enforcing the inner realms and when that happens, the synchronicity is also enforced. More and more are doing so. No reason to be prisoners and complying to a system of abuse.

“It is so interesting.”
I know some very skilled Shamans who wrote to me: In all of this, I feel a still calm, almost as if I am illuminated by the Field of The Christ. Never been happier or more blissful inside and still my heart goes out to everyone being harmed in this. What do you think, Bro?

“I feel exactly that,” was the answer I could give, also experiencing the counter reaction to that if I said it to people.
How the Hell can you say that this is interesting? Being in this world and not of it while the energy of the Heart pours out into the collective. Not a bad place to be.

But… and that is one big BUT:

I wouldn’t have been able to, in such a clear form, contain that, to do that, had it not been for the influx and strengthening of my vertical attachment during Easter. I would advise, should you need it, that you do exactly the same.

Maybe use this breathing exercise or what you feel you connect to and with, as long as it is the field of what you perceive as Holy, for you. Holy outside the boxes of State Religion, which basically is a tool of oppression.

Maybe keep an eye on this:
People who wait for the spaceships, 250,000 people waiting in vain, the date has long passed for the “10 Days of Darkness to Liberate Us All,” false prophets cashing in on a global hype in order to boost their little overseen spiritual Egos.
Sober up!

The External Celestial event you are waiting for – will not manifest – Externally.

The External Celestial event we are waiting for – is manifesting in the inside realms of our hearts and consciousness.

We are – We will be – That: External Event.

That is not just revolutionary – that will also be a quantum leap unlike anything seen before in human evolution: Manifesting the Celestial in our physical form.
We are Gods. Taught that we are nothing, when we are it all.

We, who have a heart, we who have empathy, we who have had enough of this un-celestialness, going on here for so, so long.

We will be the end of those dark days.

Stand firm, Pilgrim…

© 2020 Soren Dreier – Services


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