Last Train to Wuhan V: Which Station is This, Exactly?

May 11, 2020

Going about in this System of Fear can be challenging, even with a “lockdown” easing. Let’s call it an Imprisonment from now on and not a lockdown.

What they are doing now is not in any way giving people their freedom back, don’t fall for that – what they are doing is extending the prison yard by a couple of meters, and the Stockholm Syndrome kicks in: People are feeling grateful.

The ability to feel grateful is a powerful spiritual state of mind and it should be considered as one. Applying the feel of gratefulness towards the system for giving an extra meter on the leash people are kept on: Nothing spiritual about that.

We did nothing wrong and yet we got imprisoned.

People got and continue to get blasted by fear and a mainstream media trying to beat the competition with even more scarier headlines every day.

So, feeling grateful towards the system is exactly what they want you to feel. The same system that took whatever freedom you perceive you had pre-virus.

Do not fall into that trap.

Keep your indignation or anger in a safe place since you will need it later. Do not be grateful.  But angry is a negative state of mind! No, it’s not. There are different states of angry – and it is still okay to be emphatic and still be confrontational. I have said that before. Being metaphysical confrontational is fuel for the pilgrims and it is conscious and it is just and called for.

It is Fighting for what’s right.

Feeling grateful towards the System is insane, when we look at the systematic abuse. 

What to say to people caught up in all this, blindly believing the System of Imprisonment.

Point to the inconsistencies: If this is so serious, why?
Why is the System letting people slip through the control? I wrote a bit back: They Want That Infection Rate to Spike, on the background of airports still letting people into the capitals from high impact virus hotspots.

Or: Why is this given thing okay in the System of Fear – and this is not okay? If you take a closer look at the measures taken where you are, you will find huge cracks in this Matrix.

A change of perspective should clear that up:

If we focus on a virus, the measures taken doesn’t make sense. If we focus on Control, it all makes sense.
The virus is a side note – control is the narrative.

In the Matrix movie, Morpheus says to Neo: The Matrix is so thick you can touch it, taste it, smell it. If it hasn’t been clear before – it should be now. And that is the upside to this.

The Matrix of Control is out so anyone can see it, unless their eyesight is blinded by fear and fear is a powerful blindfold.

Big Tech lost their masks and is now showing themselves as soulless beings at the commands of their masters in the shadows, censoring this and censoring that, along with the despicable mainstream media.

When you tear out people’s tongues, you are not proving them to be lying, you’re only telling the world that you fear what they might say.

Thank you, Big Tech – we know now and we are leaving you…

Thank you Main Stream news, you are the fake news that you claim to be fighting – alternative news is now our source.

This will hit them hard, so we have to pray for some instant karma, which is already manifesting because people in an unprecedented scale – waking up. 

I previously wrote that 9/11 was the first attempt along the road they would like you to take. Well, now we’re being forced into it. No, we are not being forced.

When we are forced, we are not free to make the life choices we make, to take a walk, to do everything in designated timeslots – that is not freedom and again no need to feel bloody grateful.

The first day the lockdown was lifted an inch here in Spain—oh, don’t even get me started on Spain—I went to the sea and stood there. It was a spiritual experience, it was transcending, but did it raise a feeling of gratitude in me, no.

It raised a feeling of gratitude in me to be alive here in this time within this shit storm, but the feeling never went towards the System. It went towards the celestial for giving me that transcending experience to further boost my indignation towards the imprisonment.

It is so evermore important now than ever, sweet pilgrim, to shift perceptive of horizontal attachment (towards society, life in the horizontal identity) to Vertical attachment, whatever each of us perceive that to be, since the horizontal attachment right now, and for quite a while, hasn’t been our world really but their abusive world.

The Vertical attachment is timeless, filled with bliss and new insights, and boy does this bring new insights to the life on this planet. As said: never been clearer, in a reflection with even a fragment of our souls, that is connected vertically to a world run by ethics (soul-spirit) and not morals, like tumbleweed tumbling along to whatever wind that’s blowing. We have now found out beyond any reasonable doubt that, the same wind is artificial. It’s a construct and we will tumble no further.

You, fellow Pilgrim, are the lighthouse and you and I have the insights and proof now of what is going on.

Proof, where is that Proof? In your heart, in your soul, in your ethics. If you have found it, do not let it go and be sacrificed on the altar of convenience and cold comfort for change.

People will get mad at you like they get mad at me.
Well, that’s okay – let them – it’s horizontal, speak your truth or forever be still. Do not willfully cut your tongue out on the account of being socially accepted amongst the blindfolded.

The time is now.

You have always been a freedom loving soul, do not give that up – if people are on to you in the supermarket or social media, or you fear ruining the conversation. I had people screaming at me at the supermarket and in shops: Why do you not wear a mask, you are putting us all in danger, just to mention that.

I found the right answer:

“Your government says it’s advisable. Not mandatory” instead of giving them a lecture of a fake pandemic. It just points to what they put their faith in and bounces back smack into their logics.

Have you also noticed the uptake in people policing people?

With the social distancing, which shouldn’t be called social distancing, since we had that since they invented social media, it should be called physical distancing – since that is what it is.

I would rather live in a world of human nature (and viruses) than a world under their control.

If it’s not obvious now – it might never be.

Shine your light.

© 2020 Soren Dreier – Services

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