Last Train to Wuhan

February 18, 2020

I have received many emails asking what my take is on the coronavirus. 

Here are some thoughts. Some are based on what I see and some are based on dot-connecting the mainstream media coverage of the coronavirus.

The first thing we must understand is that this virus is not one directional, serving one agenda but instead quite a multitude of purposes. That is one of the reasons it is hard to pinpoint exactly. It’s always better to see in its aftermath: who or what benefits?

This Virus is manufactured. It is not in any way a crossover from animals to humans.

Some feel that China let it loose.

That is not the case, even if they should conclude so along the way and they will. They: The Hidden Hand. It absolutely makes no sense that China would impose this on themselves.
It would be both a financial suicide and an exposure of that system’s brutality at the same time.

China has no good standing on both issues.

The system in China is built on Mao´s idea of how to run a society.  If we go into this simple but horrible question: Who killed and tortured most people: Hitler, Stalin or Mao? Mao takes the prize.
Xi Jinping takes great pride in advocating Mao´s philosophy – if only Mao would be a worthy person to hang that phrase on.

The coronavirus is a Trojan horse and it’s serving the financial warfare against China.

Trump openly has and still calls his tightening trade ‘agreement’ with China for Economic Warfare. And frankly, I understand him, since China has engaged in Economic Warfare against the West since the phrase “Made in China” came up.

Australia is debating their dependency on China, as well as Canada and so on. China held Mugabe in power and Kim’s North Korea is a useful idiot to them.

Everybody owes China.
China owns an estimated $1.1 trillion in US Treasuries (2019). Be rest assured that no country takes any kind of pity on China. Behind closed doors, schadenfreude thrives.
So Biological Warfare / Financial Warfare 2.0? Yes.

The coronavirus is not a ‘Killer Virus’.

This is the Matrix:

Mainstream media, which is handed the agenda of the Hidden Hand, is told to make it a Killer Virus – so it be. Last week, it was all over the headlines, and I read them every day from Europe, Canada, the US, and Australia that the first corona death in Europe had occurred.
One had to read a bit further down in that article, which was all over, that the case was an 80-year-old Chinese man. Okay, DRAMA. No, not drama – he would probably have kicked the bucket from the seasonal flu anyway.

So, we have all this coordinated news propagating how deadly the coronavirus is for two reasons:

-To manufacture fear.

-To weaponize it, since people believe what they read or hear or see, and if the expectation can be created that this is deadly, well: The Power of Suggestion. Reversed Placebo.

I would suspect you are familiar with the corona-terror headlines, so I will leave them out.

In between are tiny flaws in the news stream, which got quickly buried and had no mention over the fabricated news board. It was the Washington Post posting a tiny mention on their website that: All those Americans that had been isolated and recovered really didn’t acquire any specific medical attention apart from the usual water and over the counter painkillers.

When I went back to save the link – I couldn’t find it there … Oops, must have been an intern.

The question of human/civil rights intertwines with the fear narrative.

One thing is the brutality we see from China. We see a police state, beating up or confining its citizens because they have a fever in order to be incarcerated in apartment buildings, have their doors blocked from the outside and in China, resistance even on this level could easily be a death sentence.

One could argue that China uses this also to crack down on its system’s critics, which they do and we know that. There was the doctor who warned of the virus that conveniently died after he was told that his loud-mouthedness would get him in trouble (lethal). And system-critical journalists are also casualties. So yes, they use it.

Would it be fair to state that having 50 million people in big city lockdowns is sort of an advance of the power of the state, to put it mildly?

The same happens in the West.

Here, people are forced to stay on cruise ships, etc. In the UK, they sanctioned putting citizens in handcuffs if they resisted being scanned. In Australia, they are isolating people with symptoms on Christmas Island and so on.
Cruise Ships as an example will obviously have a high contamination rate. Under the same roof, touching the same surfaces, using the same restrooms, eating from the same kitchen, confined in the same space and so on.

In the US, they are building “treatment centers” outside their airports.

The interesting thing is: Nobody is protesting because they have been programmed with this deadliness of this  virus, so apparently people think:
“Yeah, it’s okay, can’t have them running around and infecting us all with a flu that will kill us all.”
Wow – mission okay to push the agenda further.

The real virus here is fear.

The real virus here is the control system pushing the envelope in regard to what people see as their basic rights.

The real virus here is the medical society playing to the fiddle of the puppet master.

The real virus here is also, as mentioned, the Mind Body connection. Mind over matter and right now, people’s minds are being hypnotized with fear and some will die, maybe a lot, solely on that account.

It is precisely the same dynamics as in most ailments, where we can be told that the ailment we have: “no, not really that long of time left, sorry,”-  can lead us into triggering our own departure, simply because it is expected of us and what we see as Health Authorities expects us to. 

The final question is: Vaccines, a term that the System is now abandoning, replacing it with: “being immunized.” Well, it’s still a bloody vaccine that goes into our bodies, but hey: Who wouldn’t like immunity, right?

Since last week experts were telling the newspapers all over the globe that the coronavirus would stick around for a couple of years. That leaves plenty of time for Corona Immunization ID Cards to be issued. If they suspect you don’t have the corona vaccine, you will be locked up.

Travel restriction coming up. Four planes went into lockdown at Heathrow last week and nobody could leave. That is only the beginning of a long and not meant to be digested toxic fear buffet. Served with cool Corona and a slice of lime.

All aboard the Wuhan Express!
No thanks Bro, We’ll stay on the platform.

© 2020 Soren Dreier

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