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April 3, 2017

Dear Soren,
Wow thank you for a very insightful and helpful reading. Again I resonated with it all and appreciate your directness! You have a such a big heart. Listening to your voice felt very soothing and healing. I love your down to earth take on things, very refreshing! I think my dear friend would like a session with you one day, she would also enjoy your no nonsense approach and great sense of humor!
When listening to the recording I took some notes including your articles which I look forward reading. I’m still processing it all.
My focus now is on the big move where I will give it a go on my own for 6 months or so..
Warm big thank you hug to you!


I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. What a beautiful gift. I so needed the confirmation of moving, and confirmation of who I am and what I am able to do. I have a million ideas flying around my head as to how I want to apply myself, at least right now. I bought a holistic remedies course before speaking with you and have since been studying every morning. I have the fire back in me and am so happy to start my “work.” My fulfilling life work.

You have given me a basis, a basis I knew was in me, it just needed the extra push.

Much love,

Hi Soren-
Thank you for the excellent reading. I’ve listened through a few times now. Many of the points you touch upon quite accurately are poignant and meaningful to me. It’s fascinating!
Your explanation about transformational and transits and much of what you mentioned about healing – I have felt this for the past 3 years (maybe more) during which time my response was to get trained in Reiki, practice, teach and learn. It’s been a season of intense intake. You are right on about communication, teaching, the draw to create something unique and deep in the healing experience. I recognize this and seek it out.
I would be excited to talk about such things and more with you. Thank you again for your skills and passion.

All the best,

Hey Soren!
I just listened to your reading I had for two years ago…you said I was getting married in 2017…I am… you said I was doing some studies…I started last year… its so crasy! Spot on:)

J – Norway

Dear Soren,
Wow. I received your reading yesterday and did not want another second to go by without expressing my deep gratitude- thank you so much!
( and I love your humor ).
While seldom at a loss for words – I seem to be today – just Thank You Thank You!
I will be listening again today.

My very best to you and highest regards,
L – US

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