Le Petit Macaron…

October 15, 2020

is closing Social Life in France with a 9pm-6am curfew.
Have you noticed that these sublime morons are using Family Psychology (family patterns) as a weaponized form of citizen control.
They are the well-meaning responsible ‘parents’, we the people are irrational children.
In fact, its quite the opposite…

They do the same stuff in Britain (uncle Boris), Denmark (Mother Mette) New Zealand and so on…

Maybe it is time to remind them that being a politician IS being a civil servant.
NOT – a self-serving parasitic servant.

The Elite in France is very sinister, entitled. History has shown that doesn’t fare well with the French people.

None of these sublime morons, will benefit from their actions once this is over.
They will not be reelected – they will go to prison, for crimes against humanity.

They don’t see it, they can’t – it’s called narcissism – we can and we have a long-term memory.

‘Forgive your enemies – but remember their names’
– Robert Kennedy Jr.

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