The Crisp of a New Day

January 13, 2019

We sleep and we enter consciously or subconsciously or higher consciously other realms of existence. The body aching can be two states: Either a lower state, which means we go into the astral, or a higher state, which means we go into the etheric.

I don’t mind the lower states since we go there to lift things up, helping someway with our energy to smoothen things out in the lower levels in the spaces between the heavens, or we go etherical. Either is bodily painful and we can tell by the amount of time it takes our consciousness to get fully awake, all systems up and running.

This morning it took two cups, and a reminiscence presented itself. My inner vision was caught up in asteroids hurling by and a distinct sour smell of Space. This can often provide a nosebleed during the night or the following morning.

A pretty good sign of an etherical out of body and not so much an astral. They more give a solid headache.

If we think we spend the nights in our beds, we´re gravely mistaken.

Some souls have the Nighttime Wanderlust and just go out to explore. Some we can remember, if not instantly then during the day by input. Some can say a word that triggers the memory of the night traveler, or it can be a certain input to our senses, a scent, a sound, a sudden movement that somebody or something makes and the memory of where we were strengthens.

Before these states of Wanderlust set in we can get that sensation of the body suddenly making an erratic movement as we set out for the fall into sleep. It feels like we’re falling and we gasp for air. Suddenly fully awake. The fall into sleep got interrupted.

This happens because we, unaware, tried to leave via the ‘wrong’ chakra. Chakras are our portals to other dimensions high or low and maybe on that night we needed to go into a higher realm. The consciousness triggers the nervous system and wakes us up.

Consciousness never sleeps. Our body needs it, our brain needs it, our consciousness is everlastingly awake and aware, always has been, always will be.

As we explore it, let it go where it wants to go – we expand it. Go with the flow, not being daytime lucid seems to feed it. Not containing it, restraining it, makes us explore what knows us the best: Our eternal consciousness.

A very intelligent construct – exploring what knows us the best – from ancient time to the present it only unfolds if we take it on, or it remains dormant.

The difference metaphysically from being more or less awake or being in a Matrix State of Mind.

I decided to take a stroll. Sunday mornings before 9 the streets are empty here in the winter, which more or less starts like clockwork on the 15th of January and with a little luck Spring comes in March. Bearable.

The air in the winter here is crisp if it comes from the North and the cold slopes of the Sierra Nevada. Coming from the South, the Sea, the cold gets into your bones because of the moisture and winter sea fogs are dreadful. Everything gets cold and moist. The temperature is round 12 C/53F in the wee hours where the sun abundantly provides for a new dawn which comes a bit late due to an eastern mountain chain. On the other side of that – they have one-hour earlier morning and one hour earlier sunset, fair enough.

I headed out through the narrow street with the destination of a viewpoint to the sea surrounding it. A crisp blue sky and an emerald Mediterranean.
It always knocks my soul out to a point where I crumble/surrender and my eyes get flooded.
We don’t need to count our blessings – they are there – no matter where you live. Its staying open to them and their impact that seems to be dulled down by not seeing them anymore like we did when we got amazed the first time.

I am an opportunist, I have many loves: My beloved, my children, the sea, the skies, the color of the oranges on the trees that are in the streets here, the smell from the bakeries and scents from the cafés doing their morning opening routines.

I had house guests that just took off. They have a 5-year-old and they are trying to teach him to find his way in this town. Since he can’t read yet, I now live at the end of ‘Orange Street’ and then to the right of the Night Blooming Jasmine and then number 2 and 7 – 27. Clever.

During my walk my thoughts strayed to the Yellow Vests. Yesterday I was trying to find out what went on in both Paris and London. Very hard. They are blocked out of Main Stream Media, which means, and you probably will know, that the System is scared of them. Really, really scared. So, they just put a lid on. They do not want the general population to know, in a state of terror they are, that this might spread. And it will.

What they don’t see is that it makes people go to more alternative sites like this one. So again, the system is not doing itself any favors. It is, and will be hit by an epic boomerang of lack of interest in their divisive boob news and what Markle was wearing on a pheasant hunt and the latest dumbness of Trump. They see him as mentally retarded, while hiding the fact that Trump never was and never will be a politician, which time has shown is a pseudonym for being a crooked self-serving asshole anyway. He basically mirrors that and this is just the psychology dynamics of it, I am not expressing any opinion on Trump.

The Yellow Vests are weaponizing themselves. As in ‘Self’. So is Trump in a way and I respect that. We should be fully aware that people – who don’t share the core value of the Yellow Vest movement – are in it just to use the momentum as an outlet for primitive violence and government undercover agents trying to discredit them by horrific actions are in the mix too.

It takes so much courage, what the Yellow Vests are doing, and I admire them for that since they kind of – take the fight – for all of us. From a world run by globalist bureaucrats who make a mockery out of people wearing denim, coming home from an honest day’s work and still can’t make ends meet. The heat tax in France makes people freeze to death in their homes like it did in Spain.

The cocktail party going fancy elite seems to have forgotten who bloody built the building they’re in, melted the glasses and grew the grapes that made their wine and caught their oysters and manufactured their smoking’s and high-end dresses. Shame on them. And I don’t have a socialist state of mind, I have a social indignation state of mind, that somehow was embedded in my consciousness when I came to this place… that is so full of beauty still, but if you’re austerity driven and can’t pay your rent or heat your home, you sort of don’t have the luxury of enjoying the colors of nature.

Being financially stressed – is a devastating place to be. That’s why they have people hooked up on government handouts, too bloody stressed to expand their consciousness, just until (and they forgot that) people reach critical mass and either sink into a state of depressive, pill popping disempowerment and a new season of Dancing with the Stars takes their existence to a new level…. WTF. They could be dancing with armored tanks and water cannons and teargas on the streets – and that’s what the System fears.

Weaponizing yourself – I would recommend it, when a situation reaches critical mass is a powerful thing to do, and we need more spiritually engaged people not to fear that.

When the demands of any situation contradict the core values of your soul, we have a choice: To give in or to put ourselves on the line at no matter what cost.
The vortex is:
When we give up on the core values of our souls – we lose ourselves.
When we weaponize them – we strengthen ourselves. Not in an Ego way, but in a soulful way.

Do I need to leave this job – because, frankly I’m getting abused and all what this company stand for is wrong?
Do I need to take all the degrading remarks I get during family gatherings or do I need to walk away from it?
Do I need to swallow Big Pharma drugs or do I need the natural remedies and have I got the courage to do that?
Do I need to observe my child being bullied at school or do I need to confront the bully?

And the list is long for people to bow down and comply.

Here´s the thing:

Complying to play it safe won’t last long, or you´ll get sick.
Sick in your inner core, sick in your body and maybe most important:
You can’t trust yourself emotionally anymore and that leads to disempowerment and then you start second guessing yourself to a degree where you don’t know where your values are anymore.

Under a crisp blue sky, I would like to state that: The soul goes down the hole and it’s a shit long journey to get it back.

Stand by your core values and Weaponize Yourself. Be the inspiration, even though everybody tells you that you are the opposite. They are just scared little hamsters running the wheel in what they see as safety in life. Fear based, obviously.

The only thing you need to examine before you set out is: Is this core values or surface-based values. When that is clear – all good to go.

Nobody changed anything with the promise of a Happy Ending!
Anyone can change anything with the vision of an outcome and being devoted to the process and not overthinking or over feeling the outcome. Courage, I think is the word we´re looking for.

When that is the driving force merged into the longing of our souls for a fair and beautiful world for all that have, have had the courage of touching upon, we´re safely in movement.

The Universe never stands still – Why should we?
Because we fear the loss of ‘things as they are’? Well,  how are things?

The question is: What would we like to change?

The answer is: Change always has a price but if we think we´re on a free ride giving in and accepting ‘shit’ no matter what that be: We are historically mistaken and our world and this world will never lift off to what is the true potential of it all.

Love – Safety – Peace – Beauty – Awake and Aware.

Going back home, I passed the parrots in the Palm Trees at the City Square.

Their morning gossip challenges the ringing of the church bells.

They have become game – hunters are hired to shoot them ‘out of the air’, an invasive species of long ago caged parrots fleeing their cages, finding love, finding freedom.

Free parrots are deemed a nuisance. In my eyes – a free parrot is not just a parrot.

It’s a bird – birds like to fly and hang around, cuddle up and discuss where the cool fruits are.

Guess, they Weaponized….

© 2019 Soren Dreier

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