Life-Killers Never Bring Goodies

August 6, 2020

We are all very well programmed into believing that ‘the sensual approach’ only targets romantic love in this day and age, and has done so for millennia. We talk about love in general, we talk about love romantically and we talk about self-love or I would prefer: Love of Self. And that ‘self’ and that love should not be packed away on a separate shelf in the storage facility of the soul, because ‘somebody out there’ feels uncomfortable with it.

They might target you, because they find the softness in sensuality unsettling so much that they hate it….It is the source of love within themselves they cant figure out.
So they go for the solution – that is: Bottle it up. Dig it down deep. Throw away the key.

You can always spot a ‘hater’ by their ‘Kills’ and their ‘Killing of Life’, in general.

Harder to spot privately. The ones in your circle that you might want to get rid of very, very fast, are into ‘Killing Life’ that tries to emerge from the longing within you. They are the: ‘No’ crowd. They deny you life and the need you have to express it lovingly – they basically keep you caged. 

They don’t say ‘No’ to keep you safe, they say ‘No’ because they don’t want you safe.
They have no life themselves. Afraid, they are, of the sensual approach to life, which leaves the following statement to die a slow death, and thereby you: “Every love affair on this planet is a love affair with the God force.”

The statement holds so much longing and promise for us: the sensuality of nature, the sensuality of Life, is in the senses of the beholder. Loving the Celestial – the God Force is a sensual affair. Spirituality can easier tap into that, Religion not so much – religion is mostly Life-Killing.

Sensuality is a powerful vortex of our senses aligning and merging within us.

Sensuality is an expression of inclusiveness, of being absorbed, trancending, attracted, holding things holy because they manifested out of an expressed universal sensuality. Sensuality basically understands the dance of the cosmos, the ever-changing sensual dance of the planet we are on and all of its manifestations.

So we try to go for the soft approach, which has a vibrancy of sensual to it, if we want to stand firm somewhere in the constructive middle of things practicing that approach. I believe that as a good place to be.

We have to examine if we ourselves are ‘Life Killers’, since in some way we attract what we are. If that’s the case and I hold no judgment to that, maybe examine your programming. Whatever programmed this could do it because it had the power to do so and maybe you gave it that power. Take it back!

“Easier said than done, Bro” – you might say.
No. It’s easy:

Surrender to sensuality. Sensuality doesn’t make us weaker as we were told.
It makes us stronger, and once you let it in, it certainly won’t leave you, unless you would decide for it to do so. That’s the power of our minds and that’s the very obvious and concrete power in the sensual combined with its stealth stillness.

Love can take everything down and build everything up.
Hate can’t – it can’t build anything up.

But I’m not talking surface based luuuve here, I never do.

I’m talking about the cracking point of it, the shift towards it, in a climate where so many claim to have it, while they’re still killing all the life around them. 

Look out for those toxic, self-righteous, angry and not very self-critical mindbenders.

Sensuality is so simple to practice and its only fuel is a kind of soul longing need to express gratitude in being here in 3D and to channel it back to the source that awaked it within us. It´s a loop of blessing-gratitude and respect towards whatever put us here.

Some would say that our senses, which are our fuel towards the sensual, are illusions, glamour.
I don’t necessarily agree. The senses have low vibes and high vibes too, so there’s an evolution of the senses as we go along and allow ourselves to embed them and freely express them. It’s romancing the world and all in it. So the senses follow our consciousness and our consciousness follows the senses.

We become sophisticated with them as they will become sophisticated with us as we keep hammering The System of Fear with the beating of the warmth in each of our hearts.

We can take it down by facts – left-brain.
We can take it down by the sensuality – right brain.

Those combined in the long haul and: we have already won.

We know that now, because every day the System Of Fear is getting colder and we’re getting warmer by surrendering to the fragility of sensuality and very much waking up to the fact that the sensual approach is a weapon we most certainly will need.

To live without the fear of touching it, expressing it… whether we see it in nature, the cosmos, a beautiful woman, a beautiful man, a deer in the morning mist, the sensuality in hearing the truth……it is everywhere; the sacred pulse of sensuality.
All things need our sensual approach and will thereby respond in the same manner.

Surrender and you wont get lost.

© 2020 Soren Dreier – Services


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