Look For The Magic In Real Life

March 22, 2017

And so, we are here, already with the spring equinox behind us.

We went into 2017 with some kind of optimism, which always is a good starting point, but somehow the metaphysically and spiritually engaged find it harder and harder being in this world and making sense of it.

I strongly agree – there is no sense to it. There is a design behind it and often we see that design as pure evil and mostly it is, which easily could make one ponder upon whether a lifetime on this planet is some kind of burning off one´s bad karma, which makes a life here seem more like an afterlife, and by the end of our days we incarnate into our real home among the stars. Ascend into a 500-year life of peace, love and tranquility.

Freedom loving souls caught up in a feudalistic world, where the few rule the many. The few have the power to pull the plug on people’s economy and change of a livelihood. The manufactured crisis we’re dealing with as goes for the global economy, has lasted nine years now; it started in 2008.

I’m sick and tired of feudalism.

The Hollywood mainstream is promoting it and one has to be very aware that when Hollywood pumps out movie after movie, series after series where feudalism is the skeleton on which they hang their tales, that it doesn’t sneak under the skin and become the norm. Seems like a big part of the western population, the mainstream folks, really bite the hook.

Game of Thrones. In the beginning it confused me a great deal that when I went over the magazines and newspapers, it was treated as a real thing. Real news. This person killed and this conflict solved. It is not real. It is somebody’s fantasy or is is ‘just’ cold calculated programming. I tried to watch it, too brutal, too psychopathic and basically no tales of the lives of ‘ordinary folks’.
Bloodline obsessed – ring a bell?

Why is this in any way relevant? It is relevant since it is social programming and engineering and that tales are the most popular out there.

Feudalism, torture, brutality and sub-human reaction patterns to crisis solving as mainstream entertainment. We have to be very careful to keep our distance and stay observing and not identifying with the ongoing pollution of our spiritual and social skills. Which is what’s targeted also.

It is reaching a vortex point where fantasy merges with reality and sets a norm.

‘The few rule the many’ also inflates spirituality.

I received some questions from people I would normally think had their stuff pulled together:

“Should I awake the Dragon energy or is it dangerous?”

I understand that Game of Thrones has a Dragon theme in it.

I think I answered every one as all:

“I can’t imagine why anybody would be interested in that, especially if they are not sure if it’s safe!!!”

So, we have fairy tale inspired spiritual people being consumed by this romanticized feudalism, tales of brave knights and damsels in distress, rescued or eaten by dragons, where the Dragon in itself is the King of Reptiles (King=Feudal), actually evoking this stuff in some hyped up sad version of what some refer to as ‘The Hell Worlds’ and finding it remotely interesting enough to try to manifest it into 3D. Because, my friends, that is the design behind this – to get it into 3D – real life. Now, be the servant of that.

3D or the real life should offer enough ‘Dragons’ to slay and enough people in distress don’t you think? Or is reality simply too boring? Reality is in dire need of help. Our help. And as long we take the stroll down the path of the manufactured occult, well – we add to the misery – the feudalism.

This world is in need of other occult/metaphysical/spiritual manifestations than energies from the dark side of things.

The equation is: Fantasies manifest if you manifest them and bring them into this world. So many of these entities are symbolic pictures of our shadow side and the rulers in the shadows who drive this world. If we in any way see it as part of our journey to weaken the powers that be, we cannot plug into a design where the few rule the many via stronger and stronger draconian measures which we will not oppose, since we plugged into that framework via their entertainment industry.

The line just gets too bloody blurred and this is where the mainstream media doesn’t divide between not fake news, but treats these tales as reality: a toxic blend that will impact our perception of a fair world where we are free to make our own choices and leave us stranded when it comes to creating an alternative not based on feudalism, not based on a ‘strong leader’ but people driven. Why do I think I sound like a well ripened hippie now? Because we are not inspired in any way by the collective to step out of the Yoke, to step out of being governed and let the world find its own way.

The celestial vision is still: Stop governing the World and it will govern itself. And that Statement should create a lot of anxiety, because we are programmed to be scared and to fear, without: Government, civilization stops. Maybe that is where it BEGINS.
That is where the System has us by our spiritual balls.

So, in all of my naiveté I was pondering:

As long as the system going down can soak us into being feudalistic fairy tale enforcing  fools – we are doing them a favor. If we need to evoke anything we might consider evoking our own strength, our souls, our authentic selves along with our vertical attachments to the beings of light.

Do we long for angels in the skies or dragons scorching this world?

We need to put all our energy into what we so long for, and learn to recognize when we are being seduced by the romanticizing of feudalism and the creatures of darkness.

Ghouls are a hit.
Angels are a dying breed.
That’s not right – is it? Where attention goes – energy flows and gives life.

Look for the magic in real life – there is plenty of it and if we cannot find it – we need to manifest it.

©2017 Soren Dreier –  Services

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