Love Beneath Sharia Skies

March 28, 2019

Brunei brings in death by stoning as punishment for gay sex

Brunei is to begin imposing death by stoning as a punishment for gay sex and adultery from next week, as part of the country’s highly criticised implementation of sharia law.

From 3 April, individuals in the tiny southeast Asian kingdom will be subject to a draconian new penal code, which also includes the amputation of a hand and a foot for the crime of theft. The capital punishments are to be “witnessed by a group of Muslims.”

Brunei, which has adopted a more conservative form of Islam in recent years, first announced back in 2014 its intention to introduce sharia law, the Islamic legal system which imposes strict corporal punishments. It was a directive of the Sultan of Brunei, who is one of the world’s richest leaders with a personal wealth of about $20bn and has held the throne since 1967.

Alcohol is already banned in Brunei and there are fines and jail sentences for having children out of wedlock and failing to pray on a Friday. However, a heavy international backlash against Brunei imposing some of the more brutal sharia punishments has slowed their full implementation over the past five years.

Brunei was a British colony until 1984 and the two countries still enjoy strong ties. Homosexuality had been illegal in Brunei since British colonial rule but under the new laws it is now punishable by death rather than prison, which will also apply to sodomy, adultery and rape.

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Unmarried couples are whipped for breaking Sharia law in Indonesia after they were caught either cuddling, holding hands or having sex

Unmarried couples have been whipped today for breaking Sharia law in Indonesia after they were caught either cuddling, holding hands or having sex.
Five couples received between four and 22 strokes from a rattan cane outside a mosque in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, after serving several months in prison.
Religious police had caught them cuddling and holding hands or, in some cases, having sex outside marriage – a crime under the conservative Aceh region’s Islamic law.
Hundreds of spectators, including children, watched and filmed as a masked sharia officer lashed the offenders who winced in pain.

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