Lunar Eclipse July 16, 2019

July 16, 2019

The Full Moon on Tuesday, July 16, 2019, at 24 degrees Capricorn is a partial lunar eclipse. The lunar eclipse July 2019 astrology is powerful and confrontational because of close conjunction to Pluto. Intense emotional reactions, compulsive behavior, and power struggles are likely to result in a crisis.

Lunar eclipse July 2019 is also square the dwarf planet Eris which will reenergize the #MeToo Movement. It will strengthen the feminist attack on the patriarchal authority. Other planetary aspects and fixed stars point to scandal, intrigue, public disgrace, and destroyed reputations. But they also give hope that empathy and understanding will lead to lasting changes.

Lunar Eclipse Meaning

Like a regular full moon only stronger, a lunar eclipse focuses attention on your emotions, intimate relationships, and your home and family. Sun opposite Moon qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a lunar eclipse. This lets you take an impartial and balanced look at your close relationships. Because you will be in touch with your own needs and intentions, you will clearly see any relationship imbalances causing disharmony.

With a lunar eclipse, in particular, the blotting out of the Moon represents a resetting of your emotions, clearing away the emotional baggage of the previous six months. The July 16 lunar eclipse complements themes found in the July 2 solar eclipse, forming an eclipse phase that lasts to the solar eclipse on December 26, 2019.

Lunar Eclipse July 2019 Astrology

At 24°04′ Capricorn, the July 2019 lunar eclipse is only 2°13′ from the dwarf planet, Pluto, making this an intensely emotional lunar eclipse. The eclipse is square another dwarf planet called Eris by only 0°15′. This suggests the lunar eclipse will expose many dark secrets and bad behaviors. In turn, this will cause conflict and turmoil, and a dramatic transformation in relationships, society, and culture.

Looking at the lunar eclipse July 2019 astrology chart below you will see Saturn is also close to the Moon. But over 7 degrees is a bit too far away to have a noticeable influence, especially considering Pluto is so close to the Moon. Yet Saturn makes two other much stronger aspects worth considering. Venus opposite Saturn is not a good omen for love relationships, but Saturn sextile Neptune brings hope that something good will come from the strife and discord.

There are no major fixed stars within orb of the lunar eclipse but the Sun is closely aligned with fixed star Pollux in Gemini Constellation. This adds an aggressive and destructive Mars-like influence to the eclipse, but I will talk more about the stellar influences later.

Lunar Eclipse Conjunct Pluto

Moon conjunct Pluto brings such deep feelings that they can overwhelm you. A personal interaction or event may trigger a memory or emotion buried deeply in your subconscious. You might even become obsessed about your feelings and have trouble focusing on anything else. Dreams, visions, psychic impressions or intuitive insights may have a profound influence on your mood. Interactions with women will be particularly intense and revealing.

Your intuition may be correct but could obscure your rational thought processes and conscious judgment skills. In relationships, you may have to deal with controlling and manipulative behaviors like jealousy, guilt-tripping, threats, intimidation, violence or self-harm. Transcend your own challenging emotions and behaviors through meditation, self-analysis, or other technique to understand your feelings.

Sun opposite Pluto can bring some sort of crisis with your self-esteem, a relationship or an event. This may be related to abuse of power or due to a self-destructive character trait such as addiction, spying or stubbornness. Events may include the breakdown of an appliance or car, theft or violence.

Avoid being overly assertive, egotistic, or resistant to change. Challenges are more likely if you stubbornly resist change, or have engaged in some habit that is destructive to yourself or others. Even though you may experience a bruised ego, there is also great potential for positives if you are open to change.

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