Marble Bar, Australia’s Hottest Town

February 12, 2016

AS Western Australia sweats through a heatwave and anxiously awaits temperatures in excess of 50C tomorrow, the residents of one town are wondering what all the fuss is about.

Perth just sweltered through a record breaking heatwave, with the Western Australia capital recording four sweaty days in a row where the mercury surpassed 40C — the first time that’s happened for 50 years.

But the grumblings of city folk down south are met with short shrift in Marble Bar, reportedly the hottest town in Australia.

Here temperatures rarely dip into the thirties and a 50C day raises barely a murmur.

“Put it this way, you don’t go around digging holes when its 46C in the morning,” Thomas Fox, from Marble Bar’s only pub, the Iron Clad hotel, tells “And when the temperature plummets from 46C to 42C it’s like a sea breeze coming in.”

The tiny town, located in the heart of the Pilbara 200km south east of Port Hedland and 1500km north east of Perth, is set for another run of hot days with highs of more than 45C, and even up to 48C, for the next week.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, parts of northern Western Australia could even pass 50C with it likely to reach 52C by Sunday.

“We don’t like to talk about the heat, it’s just not the done thing,” said Mr Fox, talking about the heat. “We just accept that it’s hot, no one’s walking around going ‘phoo-wee it’s hot today’.”

It’s a dry heat, he says, not the humid, sticky heat that drenches people down south.

“If it’s 46C we probably don’t even break a sweat, the moisture is sucked right out of you. You don’t have crotch rot or sweat dripping down your back. People in Marble Bar don’t even smell.”

That doesn’t mean the locals don’t feel the weather.

“We’d all just go around in G-strings if we could but the snakes and the spinifex are a bit of a problem. You wouldn’t want to risk it.”

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